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A new investigation from Project Veritas appears to show a massive, ballot-harvesting racket conducted in the district of Democrat Rep. Ilhan Omar in the swing state of Minnesota.

Project Veritas founder Jame O’Keefe released a video Sunday evening exposing an apparent sophisticated ballot-harvesting scheme targeting mostly Somali-born seniors in Minneapolis, and those who spoke to O’Keefe alleged there are exchanges of cash for mail-in ballots in many cases.

One video shared by the investigation shows an alleged ballot harvester named Liban Mohamed boasting on the social media app SnapChat about carrying hundreds of absentee ballots in his car.

Mohamed is identified as the brother of Minneapolis City Council member Jamal Osman, who won a special election to represent the city’s 6th Ward this summer.

“Numbers don’t lie. Numbers don’t lie. You can see my car is full. All these here are absentees’ ballots. Can’t you see?” said Mohamed in a video apparently recorded in July.

“Look at all these, my car is full. All these are for Jamal Osman… We got 300 today for Jamal Osman only,” added Mohamed on SnapChat in a video obtained by Project Veritas.

“Money is the king in this world,” Mohamed also bragged, adding that “a campaign is driven by money.”

Mohamed also works for Rep. Omar, according to a Somali activist quoted in the video.

Both Mohamed and his brother, Osman, are Somali-born, as is Omar herself.

The Project Veritas investigation also speaks with an anonymous former Minneapolis political worker, who told O’Keefe that Omar’s campaign deputy district director, Ali Isse Gainey, ran a separate ballot-harvesting scheme targeting elderly people at the Charles Horn Towers housing complex in Minneapolis before the Minnesota primary on Aug. 8.

“Knock on the door [of the elderly] and say, ‘Your ballots come? Give it to me,’” the political worker said.

The person told Project Veritas many people, including young people and women, were paid for mail-in ballots before the August Minnesota primary.

“Cash, cash, cash. They were carrying bags of money,” the source said. “When you vote and they mark you off, then you get in the van, they give you the cash.”

Additionally, Omar Jamal, who chairs the Minneapolis Somali Watchdog Group, told Project Veritas the video posted by Mohamed bragging about ballot harvesting is just the tip of the iceberg.

Jamal said that Mohamed is one of “many people” working for Omar who is linked to numerous ballot-harvesting schemes.

“It’s an open secret. She will do anything that she can do to get elected and she has hundreds of people on the streets doing that,” Jamal said.

Jamal also had a warning: “If American people don’t pay attention to what’s happening, the country will collapse.”

The Western Journal has contacted the Omar campaign for comment on the Project Veritas report.

The alleged scheme, as described to Project Veritas, essentially comes down to voters being compelled to request ballots, which are then picked up by political activists.

Those not paid for their ballots are allegedly manipulated into filling out and giving the ballots away.

“Ballot harvesting is real and it has become a big business,” O’Keefe said.

“Our investigation into this ballot-harvesting ring demonstrates clearly how these unscrupulous operators exploit the elderly and immigrant communities — and have turned the sacred ballot box into a commodities trading desk,” he added.

O’Keefe concluded in the video. “Ilhan Omar and her campaign may be behind one of the biggest voter fraud schemes in American history.”

  • A says:

    Should be taken to FBI and arrest him and her for election fraud n send them back to their country.

  • Stephen Russell says:

    Apply to all Blue states then same MO

  • Tom says:

    What a mess… the most civilized nation in the world, with the most credible election process—is now in shambles… There is no chain of custody on these ballots… Anyone can fill them out…

    How did we get to this point? These are tactics of Socialist/Communist regimes… America and Americans are going to regret this forever… Very evil forces at work… Globalists have infiltrated our country, our way of life and now our election process…

    Thank God for the Supreme Court… which is the last line of defense.

  • george eady says:


  • Pattie Kelly says:

    But nothing will happen to her because she is a democrat and they get away with murder literally. I will believe it when I see something done to her. Until then (a big sigh)!!!!!

  • CF