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It seems that most people despise Hillary Clinton.

They are sick and tired of seeing her constantly getting away with scandal after scandal that would have landed normal people in prison for treason and other crimes.

Now the ex-assistant Director of the FBI has spoken out against her:

Most Americans do not realize the seriousness of the crimes Hillary Clinton has committed. Former FBI Asst. Director James Kallstrom equated what Hillary has done with treasonous acts committed during World War II, saying, “We shot people with a firing squad for disclosing this information in World War II.”

What is he talking about? When Hillary put in a home-based, private server and intentionally used it, emailing out nation’s most classified documents, this was a crime warranting treason. Democrats will scoff at this, calling it ridiculous, but is it?

We know Hillary intended to keep off the “state dot gov” servers for one reason, and that was because she said she didn’t want her illegal activities subject to a Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) requests. It should be noted that it was exactly FOIA requests into Benghazi by Judicial Watch that led to the discovery of her private server.

We also know she had no way to secure those classified documents, so when she made that decision, it was the same thing as turning over our national secrets to our enemies. That is treason, and all Kallstrom is saying is that people were shot for committing treason during World War II. He’s not the first person to go public with this thought either.

Treason was taken extremely seriously during World War II. French women who wined and dined with the Nazis in France were badly beaten, their heads shaved, and made to march in parades to humiliate them after World War II — and they were the lucky ones. Real collaborators were shot by firing squads.

Hillary Clinton’s crimes were intentional, and she did these with no thought for the well-being of the American people. These are not acts of a leader. She is just a well-connected criminal and traitor, and it’s time she retired and was never seen again.

What are your thoughts on this?

Source: Politicalreviewer

  • David Candel says:

    Dear Hillary, let me count the ways. You are to be arrested, incarcerated, indicted, judged, sentenced, by all possible means brought to enormous justice as efficiently and quickly as is humanly possible. And burn in hell and/or be warned he’ll is real if God don’t see Jesus all over you. Yes you may come to Jesus Christ, but if you refuse, God won’t know you and the flames whip wind that will scorch rather than heal where you have been intending on going. Be warned. Jesus is Savior and Master, Sovereign Lord.

  • Andy says:

    I absolutely and wholeheartedly agree

  • CF