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Federal agent Kurt Smolek was found dead after going missing on Monday.
His body was pulled from the Potomac River on Wednesday.

Smolek was a Diplomatic Security Special Agent.

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  • Shannon says:

    Why can’t this woman be stopped! Is every law enforcement agency scared of her? I realize she is evil and dangerous, but surely someone can stop her and her clan of brainwashed puppets.

  • jjg says:

    tsssk tssk!… did a bad thing again killary ! another hitman paid by the queen of death n lies

  • J says:

    How many will it take?

  • Don says:

    In the investigation the first thing to look for is any possible connection to the clintons. People surrounding them die suddenly, especially if they are about to testify. 🙁

  • Shelby adams says:

    Why are all these dead people that’s friends of the Clinton’s shows up dead I don’t know any one else that has a mystery dead friends showing up dead

  • CF