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A mob of anti-police protesters liked officers to the Ku Klux Klan and referred to them as the “American Gestapo.”

Houston, TX – Just hours before a Houston police officer was repeatedly shot while attempting to stop a four-man crime spree, anti-Trump protesters cursed and harassed police outside the nearby Democratic debate.

At least one of the protesters waved a Mexican flag outside the debate at Texas Southern University, as the group chanted “f–k the police,” video footage showed.

“Houston Police Department collaborates with ICE!” one woman yelled through a bullhorn. “Have you ever been to jail? Before you get out of jail, they check your immigration status, and if you’re not documented, they will f–king take you!”

Another protester likened Houston police to the Ku Klux Klan.

“Cops and Klan go hand-in-hand!” he declared, leading another round of chants.

Protesters also referred to officers as the “American Gestapo,” the video showed.

Watch the video below: (Warning: Strong language)

  • demsarekillingtheusa says:

    How come this stuff NEVER makes the 6 o’clock or 11 o’clock news? Id love for all the democrat voters who DONT read sites like this or dont read anything but the Internet front page Pro Liberal dem news to see exactly whats going on outside the scope of what the libral media refuses to cover. If more voters saw this stuff, theyd change their mind about voting democrat because I am sure, MOST Americans dont want to be associated with these sort of Lunatics!

  • demsarekillingtheusa says:

    Cant we make some type of laws where if you are caught doing something like this or arrested for assaulting a cop at least, your name and address goes into a computer where, when ever you need a cop ,like in an accident or emergency, your name pops up with a red flag and it tells the cops NOT TO RESPOND! ? if these morons dont want the police around then they shouldn’t be allowed to call them for help!

  • demsarekillingtheusa says:

    We need “Red Flag” laws that allowes people who say, Know of someone who is an ANTIFA Member or who can see a video of this sort of foolishness, can call into a tip line or Hot line and identify the people involved so that they can be put on the Police’s “Hot list” of those who need to be watched and if they get caught at the next rally doing something violent or something, the police will already have all their info and also, maybe can use facial recognition software to root them out of the crowd as well. it would be nice for these scumbags to be held accountable for their stupidity!

  • Gordon says:

    Just touch one of these vile protestors and see how fast they call the police to save them. Human waste matter, one and all.

  • Terry says:

    Of course they collaborate with ICE. They are both law enforcement. What would it be if they did not? That is an insane argument.

  • Taterr says:

    In this episode we have these POSs able by the GOLDEN Rts they are given by OUR GLORIOUS Nation to Piss on our law enforcement. The ones if they werent there to keep other people from kicking or KILLING there Stewpid asses. How AWESOME our law enforcement an fire department are to LITERALLY take care of all of us including these MORONS. GOD BLESS THE US.

    enough said

    TRUMP 2020

  • CF