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A Florida man fired a gun inside a Miami Beach hotel after he became angry that a mother and son weren’t social distancing, police said.

The shooting happened Monday night at the Crystal Beach Suites Hotel on Collins Avenue. Douglas Marks reportedly entered the lobby of the beachfront hotel and noticed a mother and son sitting on a couch.

“You all aren’t social distancing,” Marks told the mother and son, according to the police report. Marks then told them, “You all need to leave.”

The mother, Veronica Pena, and her son ignored the man.

“Let me take care of them, I have two people not following directions,” Marks said, according to Pena.

Marks then pulled out a firearm and fired several shots. An anonymous male witness said he shielded the mother and son during the shooting, and claimed there were “like six” shots fired.

Police say the shooter “continued to scream commands to social distance while holding the firearm and subsequently fired several shots.”

“The guy came and started shooting,” a witness said. “The son and the mom were, like, crying, and they were scared.”

Elio Rodriguez was in a Crystal Beach Suites Hotel room with his wife and child when the shooting occurred and said he tried to protect his family when the gunshots rang out.

“‘Bam! Bam!’ Real loud, loud. I just grabbed everybody and put them on the floor,” Rodriguez told WSVN. “I grabbed my daughter and everybody and put them on the floor.”

No one was injured. There was a bullet hole only inches away from the hotel’s front desk.

Marks was arrested by Miami Beach Police. He surrendered to police without incident.

Marks allegedly later admitted to the shooting. The police report stated that Marks asked the hotel front desk to call 911 before firing “four warning shots.” He said that he did so because he was being followed by someone, the Miami Herald reported.

On Tuesday morning, Marks was charged with aggravated assault with a deadly weapon, use of a firearm to commit a felony, and discharging a firearm in public. He was being held at Turner Guilford Knight Correctional Center on $11,000 bond, according to jail records.

Since the coronavirus pandemic hit the United States, there have been numerous violent and alarming incidents involving COVID-19 precautions.

Earlier this month, a California Lyft rider reportedly attacked her driver and spat at him after the Lyft driver requested that she wear a face mask.

Two men allegedly attacked a security guard at a Target store in May after they refused to wear a face mask.

A viral video this week showed a woman enraged that small children were not wearing face masks. She told the children: “I hope you all die!”

  • Sesa says:

    I feel like I’m trapped in a bad movie that doesn’t have an ending!

  • Rose Howell says:

    Had not realized how many crazy people we have in this Nation. When I see folks bike riding down the street and wearing masks I’m amazed. Same thing driving a car alone and wearing a mask. What is that about? Actually these silly masks are unhealthy to wear. Humans need an ample supply of oxygen to thrive. These don’t allow enough for comfort breathing. Can’t wait for the election. I bet we never hear the term Covid 19 again. And China owes 189 countries big time for this horror.

  • LST says:

    I was bitched out today by some old hag in the supermarket because I was “going the wrong way in an aisle. I just asked if I looked like I give a shit and kept going. Old prune needs to mind her own damn business, I don’t wear a diaper on my face either.

  • J Surhoff says:

    Another liberal democrat socialist for you.

  • Larry S says:

    1984 news speak. There is nothing, NOTHING social about “social distancing”. Let’s not subvert the English language. Let’s be honest and call it what it really is, “Physical distancing”. What is soicial about me getting as far away from you as I can? What a load of crap.

  • Intellectual Impaler says:

    Some “people” are taking this a little too far. And they call us Fascists.

  • Adam Selene says:

    Do these people that act like this realize they appear to have rabies or some form of extreme mental illness ??

  • CF