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George Zimmerman, the man who shot and killed Trayvon Martin, is suing two Democratic presidential candidates over their incendiary tweets about the movement that grew out of his case.

The infamous Florida man was charged with murder after he engaged in an altercation with the seventeen-year-old Martin, and ended up shooting him and killing him in 2012.

Zimmerman was acquitted for the murder of Martin in 2013, but activists have hounded him and made the case into a social justice cause.

On Tuesday, he filed a lawsuit against former South Bend, Ind., Mayor Pete Buttigieg, and Sen. Liz Warren (D-Mass.) over tweets he claimed were defamatory against him. He is seeking $265 million in damages.

“Trayvon Martin would have been 25 today,” Buttigieg tweeted.

“How many 25th birthdays have been stolen from us by white supremacy, gun violence, prejudice, and fear?,” he asked, adding the hashtag for “Black Lives Matter.”

Warren tweeted a similar message.

“He should still be with us today,” said Warren of Martin.

“We need to end gun violence and racism,” she added. “And we need to build a world where all of our children—especially young Black boys—can grow up safe and free.”

The lawsuit accused the politicians of tweeting simply “for political gain in misguided and malicious attempts to bolster their standings amongst African-American voters, all at Zimmerman’s expense.”

Zimmerman has also previously filed a lawsuit against Martin’s family, the state of Florida, and the Florida Department of Law Enforcement.

Here’s more about Zimmerman’s lawsuit:

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  • Arif says:

    First of all ZIMMERMAN is not White he looks like a Mexican!! Moreover a Lawsuit for just Tweeting is Stupid and Dangerous. He should be granted 25 Cents not Millions he is asking , a Totally Frivolous Law suit, even though I hate both these DemonRats

  • Alison says:

    What these DemocRATS and others like them need to work on is why is there so much black violence among the youth. Trayvon attacked Zimmerman. Why? Trayvon repeatedly struck Zimmerman’s head against the pavement. Why? Their is an anger and violent problem within the black youth community. That’s the truth the idiotic politicians choose not to address. Easier to throw around the word “racism”, gun violence and blame white people. And isn’t Zimmerman, a latino???

  • CF