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An altercation between a college football player and Ohio police officers Monday during a traffic stop ended up with the man slamming one of the officers, dashcam video shows.

Michael Harris, a linebacker for Eastern Kentucky University, was seen on the video in a parking lot near what appeared to be his SUV. As a Grove City police cruiser pulled up, the dashcam video showed Harris and another officer talking to each other.

Harris at one point put his hands up while being patted down. More words were exchanged and one officer appeared to put one of his hands on the back of the player’s head. Harris then tried to get back into the vehicle, but was pushed away and officers tried to arrest the man.

After one of the officers appeared to strike Harris, the redshirt sophomore picked the officer up and slammed him to the ground. An additional officer came over to help, and another officer took something out of a holster before putting it back in and trying to pull Harris off.

Harris faced a felony assault charge and misdemeanor resisting arrest, obstructing official business and disorderly conduct while intoxicated charges.

The university told Fox News on Thursday that it had suspended Harris “from all team and football-related activities at this time,” adding, “When the facts are established, and the investigation complete, Eastern Kentucky University and EKU Athletics will decide how to move forward responsibly.”

Police originally had been called to the area because a local business reported an aggressive man who didn’t work there and wouldn’t leave, WBNS-TV reported, citing sources.

The police officer was unhurt.

Harris played 11 games at Auburn in 2019 before transferring to Eastern Kentucky.

  • PHILIP says:

    All cops should be males, female cops are useless when direct counter with punk like this, she at least should’ve maced or tazed this SOB when her partner got thrown to the ground! Send her to desk job please!

  • Michael Terrell says:

    Assault with a brain dead weapon!

  • Matt says:

    Lucky for him he wasn’t shot. Idiot.

  • Q says:

    Let me guess, another democrat who thinks he’s above the law!!

  • Patrick says:

    That has got to be the world record for the “slowest slam to the ground”. If it was any slower he’d be setting him on the ground (on a pillow). And yes ladies and gentleman, you just witnessed a totally useless female cop (not really her fault). She should have never been hired for that position in the first place. The result of the loony left’s “diversity in hiring”. If you think a male cop wants a female for a back up partner (again, not her fault) you’ve got shit for brains or you’re a liberal. When are people going to get back to common sense when hiring cops? If a cop has to go up against some of societies biggest, meanest, nastiest of real bad ass criminals, the fact is that most all females don’t have the body and muscle mass required to take down a criminal that doesn’t want to be taken down. That is a fact. Deal with it, by only hiring people that are fit to be a cop.

  • CF