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Thousands of law-abiding gun owners are expected to descend on Richmond, Virginia, on Monday to begin pushing back on far-left Democrats’ attempts to ram through an extreme anti-Second Amendment agenda that seeks to ban numerous firearms and other lawfully owned firearm accessories.

The gun owners are attending the National Rifle Association’s legislative action day at the Virginia State Capitol in Richmond because that is when the first hearings on the issue start in the Virginia State Senate.

The NRA announced on Sunday that Magpul sent the NRA “1,000 30 Round PMAGs to hand out tomorrow in Richmond to NRA members who show up to fight Northam’s extreme gun ban!”

The NRA added, “We’ll see everyone TOMORROW at the General Assembly Building in Senate Sub-Committee Room #1 on the 5th Floor at 8am!”

Following his scandal involving a blackface and KKK photo that he was featured in, Virginia Democrat Governor Ralph Northam has aggressively pushed for radical gun control policies in the state, including confiscating legally-owned firearms from law-abiding citizens.

“I ask all Virginians to refrain from promoting fear and intimidation,” Northam said in response to the backlash that has swelled across the state to his anti-freedom agenda.

“The grassroots resistance to Virginia Democrats’ extreme anti-Second Amendment agenda has exploded as nearly 90% of the counties in the state have declared themselves to be sanctuary cities in response to the Democrats’ anti-freedom agenda,” The Daily Wire reported in November. “More than 100 cities, towns, and counties have passed resolutions in preparation for Democrats taking over the state who had indicated a desire to confiscate semi-automatic firearms from law-abiding citizens.”

The Washington Free Beacon reported last week that the far-left group Moms Demand Action, a subsidiary of Michael Bloomberg’s Everytown for Gun Safety, drew 200 activists to a recent event which was “dwarfed by the tens of thousands who have attended Second Amendment sanctuary meetings all over the state.”

“We believe it’s best when lawmakers talk directly to voters. We know that NRA members are active and engaged in grassroots activism. The more people out there and sharing the message, that’s a win,” Catherine Mortensen, NRA spokesperson, told The Daily Wire in statement. “The 13th is the first meeting of the Senate Courts of Justice committee. That’s the first committee of jurisdiction on all the Northam gun control. We want to make sure that our members and supporters are in Richmond at that committee hearing on that day so that their voices are heard. It’s critical that our members are there early in the session to make the biggest impact in order to stop these gun bills from moving forward.”

The Virginia Democrats’ attempt to confiscate legally-owned firearms from law abiding citizens is a move that “resembles what communist China has called on the U.S. to do in recent days,” as The Daily Wire pointed out last month. The Chinese government is guilty of numerous civil rights abuses, including having locked up millions in concentration camps, allegedly forcefully harvesting the organs of detainees, and instituted a massive surveillance state through which it is further clamping down on the freedoms of its citizens.

  • george eady says:

    I do hope a million show up. the demco-rates are doing there best to leave all Americans unarmed and defenseless. this crap started with Obama. befor he left office he put in place .(if you have pot medical card you cant legal buy a gun . Obama sold America out the back door .and the dnc is finishing up his job. MAKEING ALL OF AMERICA AS DEFENSELESS AS THEY CAN. WHO DID OBAMA AND THE DNC SALE AMERICA TOO. A GUN HAS NEVER KILLED ANYONE. SICK PEOPLE DO THAT . SO FIX THE SICK PEOPLE AND LEAVE OUR DAM GUNS ALONG

  • Michael A Albach says:


  • Michael Terrell says:

    No need to harvest the brains from these politicians. They are too small for squirrels.

  • Robert Fitzhugh says:

    Stand fast Virginians. Surrender nothing. All freedom loving Americans stand with you.

  • Lm says:

    Blackface is ok as long as you come up with some really hardcore Commie ideas and laws to literally save ” face”. The Democrats will buy into anything as long as it involves taking away rights from citizens and grubbing money

  • cathy says:

    So let me get this straight…sanctuary cities throughout the state w/ all the illegals and no guns or officers ( they won’t be allowed to defend you) to protect you and your families??? and that seems ok to you… REALLY!!!!?????
    Virginian’s STAND UP NOW!!

  • Loyal Kuhn says:

    What Part Of “Shall Not Infringe” Don’t You Understand Governor Ralph Northam ??

  • CF