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In an MSNBC focus group that aired Thursday, gun owners audibly laughed when asked if they thought mandatory gun buybacks were a good idea.

“Let me ask you about a proposal that’s been floated out there by a presidential candidate, or more, about gun buybacks,” “MSNBC Live” host Ali Velshi said before bluntly asking, “Who thinks that’s a good idea?”

Some in the group smirked, several laughed out loud, and one gentlemen quipped, “I bought mine for a million bucks. So, if they’re willing to pay that …”

The panel consisted of eight gun owners from southeast Wisconsin, all with differing occupations and political persuasions and varying numbers of guns owned — one panelist owned one gun while another owned more than one hundred.

On several issues related to gun regulation, there was some disagreement and debate among the panelists, but the issue of gun buybacks was met with unanimous skepticism and derision.

While gun buyback programs have remained a common argument among gun control advocates who desire to reduce the number of firearms owned by civilians, the proposal became a central issue this year when failed Democratic presidential candidate and former Texas Congressman Beto O’Rourke began vocally arguing for mandatory gun buybacks during his campaign.

Later in the discussion, some of the panelists also called out companies like Walmart and Dick’s Sporting Goods for virtue-signaling in removing guns from their stores.

“Walmart stopped selling them, you can go to Fleet Farm. It’s the same people that want to get them and will get them. They’re still going to get them,” Carol Reuter, a nursing home activities director, said.

“So now this is their way out to say they can be the hero. ‘We are going to get rid of all this stuff.’ Well, they were probably looking for a way to get rid of them anyway,” another panelist added.

“They still sell alcohol, which kills as many people,” another panelist concluded as others scoffed in agreement.

In the final seconds of the video, retired police Officer Gregory Phillips described protecting the Second Amendment as his No. 1 issue for the upcoming presidential election.

“Don’t mess with my rights to protect my family by trying to take away my firearms,” he said resolutely.

You can watch the full MSNBC video below:


  • Fred Sheehan says:

    Walmart should consider eliminating sales of alcoholic beverages, tobacco products or substitutes, and junk food that is full of salt, sugar and fat if they want to save the largest number of lives. Evidently Walmart’s ethical decisions are influenced by profit incentives.

    • JACK W DERE says:

      Additionally, Walmart should discontinue selling products made in China and start purchasing and selling products “Made In USA”. It’s good for the economy, create more jobs, and stop the transfer of dollars to China.

  • Rick says:

    The Mission……To eliminate the 2nd Amendment….

    • Chaz says:

      Amen, Rick! That is what it really is all about – these totalitarian elites could care less about a school shooting or a mall shooting because they are never in those locations and many have their armed security with them wherever they go.
      The Govt can go to full tyranny mode once the guns are confiscated and then do whatever they want to those they have no use for – don’t ever forget what the German power elite did to the Jews in the 1920s-1930s…first they took their guns by registration, then voluntary surrender, then confiscation. It did not take long at all before the Jews were being escorted from their homes to railroad cars for their one-way trip to the camps and death. If you don’t think there are people in the USA capable of repeating history, you are completely clueless.

  • Evangeline says:

    If Velshi asked that question to anyone in Maine, they would have done more to him than just laugh at him.

  • SandyT says:

    The NRA does NOT sell guns! They promote gun safety AND one of their most vital goals is protecting and fighting for the 2nd Amendment, which protects all the rest of our God-given rights. What is so hard to understand about that?

  • CF