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A masked shooter wearing combat gear and armed with an “assault-style rifle” who opened fire Monday morning on a federal courthouse in downtown Dallas was shot dead by authorities — his shooting spree ended before anyone else was injured.

The incident took place outside the Earle Cabell Federal Building in downtown Dallas, a federal courthouse that houses over 300 employees, including from the U.S. attorney’s office, U.S. Marshals Services, and a passport office. Tom Fox, a photographer with The Dallas Morning News, saw the shooter open fire on the courthouse.

“Fox said [the shooter] fired from the parking lot across the street toward him, another man, a security guard and a woman who was walking a golden retriever,” Dallas Morning News reports. “The windows in a revolving door and two side doors at one entrance were broken. It was unclear whether [the shooter] or law-enforcement personnel had shot the door.”

The shooter, who was wearing a mask, parked at a nearby intersection and appeard to run into the street to pick something up, said Fox. The shooter then began to open fire on the courthouse, cracking the glass door and sending bullets ricocheting off the building.

The FBI revealed Monday that the suspect was a 22-year-old man who was discharged from the U.S. Army in 2017 and has not been the subject of any previous federal investigation (his name is here withheld per Daily Wire policy). Neither FBI Special Agent Matthew DeSarno nor Northern District of Texas U.S. Attorney Erin Nealy Cox provided any speculation on a motive.

Federal investigators are currently looking into the shooter’s social media activity as part of their attempt to discover a motive, DeSarno said. “We are aggressively pursuing all his social media activity,” said the agent.

CBS DFW has since reported details on the shooter’s Facebook posts, including images of Civil War uniforms, “rants about the U.S. government — including talking about Ruby Ridge and the Branch Davidians,” and images of ammo he had purchased. In one video he posted just a week before the shooting, he said, “I don’t know how much longer I have… the storm is coming…let’s do it,” at which point he held up one of his guns.

The Dallas Morning News reports that police detonated a “suspicious device” found in the shooter’s 2003 Nissan Altima that he had driven to the scene. “The blast was strong enough to shake sapling trees blocks away,” the paper reports.

The incident prompted a shutdown of several buildings in the area as over scores of law enforcement officials converged on the scene as part of the extensive response.


  • Ed says:

    Too suspicious. This guy was obviously driven to execute a dumb ‘shooting incident.’

  • Nee says:

    Not sorry he died.
    Another idiot behind a gun.
    My point it’s not the gun, it’s the criminal behind the gun, probably backed by the flipping liberal dems! Wouldn’t surprise me at all…

  • Cindy says:

    If guns are the problem, then what about the one (s) that stopped him? Guns are not the problem, but rather it’s the radical ideology of the attackers. Folks we didn’t have these problems when we still had God, Bible reading, and prayer in our schools and government buildings, when we really enforced immigration laws, had no legal abortion laws, and the homosexual lifestyle was still deplorable to our nation. The USA has forcibly removed God from everything but our personal lives, and look what’s come in to take His Place? Believers in the Judeo-Christian God sat on their ass in the 1960s and 70s and didn’t fight for God. Now He is letting us have what the sinful left propagated. We murder unwanted babies in the womb, and our loved ones are getting slaughtered in our streets. We’ve disallowed the name of Jesus Christ to be mentioned in public places, and now all we hear about on the news is the islamic allah and mohamed. We tore down traditional marriage with the free hippie love movement and made it easy for people to fornicate, cohabitation, and God knows what else in the name of freedom when it was really filthy perversion, and we have more children and women being sexually assaulted than ever before, and openly homosexual individuals spitting in God’s face. We will have our population decreased by homosexualism and abortion, but be overtaken by foreigners with their anti American ideals and beliefs taking over our government. Welcome to 21st century America! She ain’t what she used to be folks, and I don’t even recognize her anymore.

    To the veterans and the MIAs’s families, I am so sorry that this district/county of Maryland has pierced the memory of our wonderful fallen heroes. There’s no excuse for it, but it’s root cause is Satan himself. That rainbow flag is just another tool that Satan is using to mock and spit in the face of God.

    To the lgbt sickos: hang your damnable flag, but your “rainbow” is a filthy mockery and imitation. My God doesn’t need a pole to hang His rainbow. The creator of the rainbow still hangs His bow higher than man or Satan could ever reach. His represents an eternal promise He made to the earth. Yours represents reprehensible, sickening, and despicable acts for which you will suffer eternally.

    May God remember thevremnant still here and grant us the courage to take a stand for Him!

  • CF