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Eight Senate Republicans broke with their GOP colleagues on Wednesday voting in favor of a resolution that would limit President Donald Trump’s ability to use military action against Iran without approval from Congress.

The resolution would require Trump to remove US troops engaged in hostilities against Iran unless Congress declared war or passed a specific authorization for the use of military force.

The vote was bipartisan, 51-45, with eight Republicans voting with Democrats. The eight Republicans were:

  • Utah Sen. Mike Lee
  • Kentucky Sen. Rand Paul
  • Maine Sen. Susan Collins
  • Tennessee Sen. Lamar Alexander
  • Louisiana Sen. Bill Cassidy
  • Kansas Sen. Jerry Moran
  • Alaska Sen. Lisa Murkowski
  • Indiana Sen. Todd Young

“We should not be at war with Iran unless Congress votes to authorize such a war,” Virginia Democratic Sen. Tim Kaine, who introduced the resolution said, according to CNN.

“While the President does and must always have the ability to defend the United States from imminent attack, the executive power to initiate war stops there. An offensive war requires a congressional debate and vote. This should not be a controversial proposition.”

Republican opponents, including Trump, said passage would send the wrong message to Tehran.

“It is very important for our Country’s SECURITY that the United States Senate not vote for the Iran War Powers Resolution. We are doing very well with Iran and this is not the time to show weakness,” Trump wrote on Twitter.

Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell said the resolution abused the War Powers Act because that law was intended to prevent the deployment of thousands of troops into sustained combat without congressional authorization.

The Democratic-led House passed a similar resolution last month, as Democrats and some Republicans fumed over Trump’s failure to fully inform them about his Iran strategy.

Trump last month ordered a drone strike that killed Iranian military commander Qassem Soleimani at the airport in Baghdad, but did not inform Congress until afterward.

The resolution could be vetoed by Trump, as he vetoed a War Powers resolution in 2019.

  • Dusty says:

    NO! There was no reason for these few Republicans to do this per Pres Trump is not a war monger. The Democrats stick together no matter what and here a few PUBS , who are trying to stand out and not show much support for this President vote with the Demos who have been out to take Pres Trump down for 3 years WHY? Maybe they have lobbyist who are behind this and now to step back from their vote to not impeach they have to show something to their constituents? Exactly why the Republicans are going to lose and we will have a DEMO mess again? I recall what Pres Obama did to tearing down our military and no real peace in this world and Iran is not ever our friend. Sad because their citizens want freedom and cannot fight their idiot leaders. I would say to not vote for any of this group who did this today? President could veto, but give them what they want they asked for this. Why not let the Congress decide so if we lose per what they say then not the President to be made responsible .

  • LST says:

    Rand Paul is one of them, go figure, what a big asshole.

  • harry says:

    why is this ugly womwan on ever single page of news she is so bloody anoying to see her they any body would think she is important SHE IS NOT GET GER OFF THE BLOODY B+NEWS SCREENS

  • SandyT says:

    I’ve voted for Sen. Cassidy in the past, but now rethinking my support for his reelection. I won’t vote for any Democrat to replace him, but if there is a good Republican running for his Senate seat, I will probably consider voting for his opponent. We’ll see…

  • Purpleonion says:

    Remember their names in November!

  • Oluseyi says:

    Good to hear POTUS could veto it.
    Pls what are all these ads covering parts of the news article? They cannot be closed thereby blocking full comprehension of article. Pls do something about it asap.

  • Intellectual Impaler says:

    Exactly what are the Democrats hiding when it is an issue about Iran? Should we open up an investigation into the ties the Democrats have with Iran, starting with Jimmy Carter.

  • CF