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James Woods is back on Twitter, and thank God for it. Without him, who would be owning the libs via memery?

Woods’ latest viral tweet comes courtesy of the migrant caravan working its way up through Mexico toward our southern frontier.

This whole thing was orchestrated by organizers as a media event to draw attention to the “migrant cause.” When the media suddenly realized that this wasn’t quite as popular as it originally looked, they suddenly became angry that American voters were paying attention to the whole thing and didn’t like it.

Woods, however, had a better take on why he thought the media might be sympathetic to the migrant caravan:

Well, them and the denizens of graveyards in major metropolitan areas, yes.

And, of course, there were plenty of tweets in response to Woods’ lib-owning:

Don’t be so sure about the last one. Sure, as long as they’re illegal, they’re probably going to hide behind the Democrats. However, once they realize how much money the Democrats have been stealing from them and how the party expects them to stay on the plantation too, they’ll likely see how they’ve been had and #WalkAway, too.

Given the tenseness of the situation and the potential for violence, President Donald Trump has made clear that the troops deployed to the border won’t be firing on the caravan members.

“They won’t have to fire,” Trump said Friday, according to the Washington Times.

“I don’t want these people throwing rocks. What they did to the Mexican military is a disgrace. They were throwing rocks in their faces. It’s not going to happen to our soldiers. They do that with us, they’re going to be arrested for a long time. I didn’t say ‘shoot.’”

As for whether U.S. forces will have to use force, Trump was more ambivalent. “I hope they won’t. We’re going to see,” he said. “They want to throw rocks at our military, our military fights back.”

Either way, however, it looks like these future Democrats probably won’t be making their way in.

  • Mike Dar says:

    Ie; those trucks are the modern day equivalent of Slave Ships, bringing in new Plantation dwellers… as Blacks Walk Away, new desperate and poor are needed on the Dem ‘Plantation’.
    Had we Social Media 150 years+ ago, we would be hearing ‘We are saving Blacks…’ from Africa, lololol!!!!
    Oh yeah! That was one of the memes at the time!!! Hahahahahahahah!!!!

  • cathy says:

    Is it Tues yet??????

  • CF