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A new poll of citizens in Mexico says that a majority are against the entrance of migrants from Central America to their country on their way to seek asylum in the United States.

The poll from the Washington Post and Reforma, a leading Mexican newspaper, found that nearly two thirds of Mexicans polled, 64 percent, said that migrants were a “burden” that took jobs and benefits away from their citizens.

The issue has become more contentious for Mexican nationals after President Donald Trump began a new policy of metering asylum seekers at the border, and making many wait in Mexico for the results of their request.

A video from Newsy featured a female Mexican citizen who angrily chanted, “you are not welcome here!” in a protest against migrants.

The poll also said that a majority, 55 percent, of Mexican citizens polled wanted the migrants to be deported back to their home countries.

Only a third polled, 33 percent, said that Mexico should give migrants temporary asylum or residency. A very small percentage, 7 percent, said they wanted the country to give them permanent residency.

The Mexican government has responded to pressure from Trump by offering more migrants benefits if they agree to stay in Mexico and abandon their attempt to seek asylum from the United States.

However, the Mexican to the United States, Martha Bárcena, said there’s a limit to how long the country can host those seeking asylum.

“So we’re working with our Central American neighbors to see what we can do so that people do not come to the border,” Bárcena said.

“We maybe hold people for half a year,” she added, “one year, but not two years if the asylum process just goes on and on.”

  • Carl J Bujan says:

    To bad the Latino politicians in America don’t think the same way. They welcome illegal aliens

  • Cas says:

    I went to Mexico last year, Juarez and all they really care about is not losing the business that have created jobs. I was in shock on how Americanized Juarez was. When one used to go to Juarez, one could tell who was from there because of the way the dressed and who was from El Paso, now they were dressed in name brand, better than some here. It was sad to see all the American Fast Food there, too. It doesn’t matter what they think to me, what Mexicans think, and I’m Mexican-American because trust me they feel the same way about Mexico as Trump feels about America, pride and America first. Go Trump <3

  • arif says:

    Then why is it That 80% of all illegals here are from MEXICO? Whatever goes around comes around

  • KTMAC says:

    In Lake Tahoe they have signs up that say “Don’t Feed The Bears” to make the bears stop coming and destroying cars, homes and being a danger to the community because they are looking for a free handout. The same applies here. If you give free healthcare, schooling, food, welfare, social security and more to illegal immigrants, they will ALWAYS continue to try to come here. Wouldn’t you if you were from another country and it was offered?? All of those benefits should go to American citizens that need help (or earned them for working all their lives). Stop the handouts. If you don’t, you are an enabler. If your re-elected officials do nothing to stop it, they are part of the problem, not the solution. That is common sense which doesn’t seem common anymore.

    • William says:

      KTMAC//:: The truth will set you free!! Thanks for telling it like it is!!! Stop the hand-outs and stop illegal immigrants at the same time!!!

  • Jeffrey Rogers says:

    Now they know how we have felt for the past many YEARS! We finally get on the road to prosperity and here come the freeloaders to take it all away, stay in your own Country and make the changes needed to get it on the road to prosperity, Mexico did it and so can the others so long as they don’t vote in socialist/communist or Islamic terrorist! Good Luck to you Mexico, we plan to fight for our Country will you?

  • CF