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The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) website disclosed the shockingly small number of people who died from only the Wuhan coronavirus, with no other cause of death mentioned.

Hold on to your hat because here it is: out of the 161,392 deaths in the CDC data, just six percent, about 9,700 deaths, were attributed to the coronavirus alone. According to the CDC, the other 94 percent had an average of 2.6 additional conditions or causes of deaths, such as heart disease, diabetes, and sepsis.

Instead of protecting the vulnerable – the elderly in nursing homes and those with comorbidities – health “experts” recommended locking everyone up and prescribing for Americans a wide range of ailments such as depression, suicide, missed early cancer screenings, unemployment, substance abuse, and poverty.

Something is driving the liberal media’s morbid obsession with the U.S. death toll. The media is doing everything it can to blame the virus on President Trump, a virus that originated in China and is killing people all over the world. It’s been widely known for months that people with comorbidities and the elderly are at higher risk for severe illness due to COVID-19, so why is the media clamoring for prolonged shutdowns and keeping schools closed? Is it because they see a connection between prolonged shutdowns, a weakened economy and the Democrats’ electoral chances in November?

Everyone with eyes should see how the Democrats and the media have weaponized the coronavirus against the president. Nothing made this more clear when the media and “public health experts” green-lit left-wing protests over the past few months. They know the virus poses little risk to young people healthy enough to go out and loot, tear down statues and vandalize property.

  • Claire says:

    I WANT TO SEE THE NUMBERS OF THOSE WHO SURVIVED!!. STOP THE GLOOM AND DOOM, AND GIVE US THE POSITIVE OUTCOMES! I know this won’t change anything, but at least I got it off my chest.

  • Lisa Balla Millar says:

    I wouldn’t doubt those statistics. THe liberals are using it to destroy the economy in case Trump gets re-elect. How can they blame Trump when he was going on the advice of liberal Dr. Falsie. This goes to show that the liberals don’t care about the people as they are promoting the protests & riots which will possible kill more liberals; backfires on them as they will get less vote, but the democrats don’t care.

  • mike dar says:

    About the same causal and effect in deaths from catching a cold. Yeah…. lets shut down America again. Dumbest thing ever done in America since Banks creating near endless supplies of money leading up to 1928…. and a decade of recovery. Fauci claimed 10% of America would die of HIV.. this was another Deep State operation Fauci participates in. We really need to do something about these Agencies, be it the CDC or FBI where embedded as-swipes are not removed every 8 year cycle….. this was setup to keep crony corruption out but has created a massive ruling class of people entirely using crony corruption to remain in Agency positions. People talk about politicians not supposed to being a lifetime occupation… what about moronic corruption being a multi generational occupation??!!

  • Taterrr says:

    Folks if all this is true we need to have a Political meeting In Washington with these so called experts. While this meeting is going on have all the workers who have been out of jobs be constructing Gallows outside for the Sweet people who have been Killing Americans over a VOTE. This is the most Horrific issue In US History and WE THE PEOPLE Need to put OUR MINDS at EASE.

    Trump 2020

  • Gerry says:

    A virus orginated in China with the help of the odumbo administration, WHO and I believe fauci and his compatriots at the CDC and it was intentionally released in 2020 for election year. I also believe these “lockdowns” were completely unnecessary if they had dealt with the virus correctly and not intentionally creating chaos, fake numbers and totally fabricated statistics. I find it hard to believe that every country on the face of this earth has not come down HARD on china and it’s co-conspirators the demoSCUM party.

  • Intellectual Impaler says:

    On campaign trot this chart out and state this is the real death rate from Covid. The rest are from Democrat mismanagement of Nursing Homes and Protests.

  • CF