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Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-N.Y.) reportedly said that she supported a proposed raise in the $174,000 salary for members of Congress, despite it being politically unpopular.

Chad Pergram of Fox News reported that the freshman member of Congress said that a prospective pay raise “may not be politically popular to say but honestly this is why there’s so much pressure to turn to lobbying firms and to cash in on member service after people leave because precisely of this issue.”

Her reasoning would fit with her recent efforts to ban former members of Congress from becoming lobbyists in order to cash in on their contacts after being a “public servant.”

She was joined by a surprising ally when Sen. Ted Cruz (R-Texas) tweeted support for her opposition to lobbying, and they agreed to work on bi-partisan legislation for the policy.

Ocasio went on to explain why members of Congress would vote against pay raises, saying otherwise, “opponents could use it as a political exploit as a political issue.

“You can you can vote against pay increases all you want,” she added, “it’ll look good on its surface.”

Ocasio-Cortez was mocked early in her congressional career when she complained that she could not afford an apartment in Washington D.C. until her first congressional pay check came in.

  • abolishliberalism says:

    So this Donkey faced, no good little B**ch has been in her office for what? like 6 months and she is already looking for a raise? She should be told that members of the house and senate dont get raises or even Paid unless they are actively doing their jobs in WORKING for the people o f the United States of America to make their lives and our country prosper!!! If they cant do what it is we elect them to do, they Should GTF out of DC and go work in a Denny or Burger King!!

  • abolishliberalism says:

    Give them all raises but….Dont even think about using MY Tax money to do so.

    these Scum bag, jagg offs all want to become wealthy while they cry bitch and moan about how the wealthy are no good. think about that one for awhile. Besides, I have ENOUGH problems with the democrats in congress getting paid with the tax money of Hard working republican voters who they are always putting down and totally working against, imagine any of us wanting to give them raises? HA!!!! They all suck and they can all fall into a pit of fire for I care, I have NO use for any of them… after how they have been acting and all the BS they are pulling trying to steal Our democracy AND freedoms? No Effing way should ANY of them be getting one red cent of A republican voters Tax money! Let the dems who voted them in pay them a salary for NOT doing their jobs! As far a s I am concerned, the democrats ARE the enemy of the rest of us and I dont want to pay them one thin dime.

  • Evangeline says:

    Of course she supports a huge raise for herself! Dems disgust me! They do nothing for this country or our border crisis. In fact they intentionally created it! And they created slavery and the KKK yet call Trump a racist. They even admitted they are only focused on impeaching Trump. They don’t deserve a hundredth of the pay they already get!

  • Bj says:

    Just when you thought this piece of dog shit couldn’t get any more pathetic!!! Now we have to pay them more if we want to keep them from becoming lobbyists. If they were really serious about their jobs they’d pass a law forbidding them to take lobbyist jobs due to conflict of interests. But none of them believe in conflicts of interests. Case in point Mueller as special counsel and Rosenstein heading the investigation………completely and utterly criminal. I hope she chokes on her ugly azz teeth. A good day would be a day I didn’t have to see or hear anything from AOC’s ugly azz face. She needs a raise while her constituents were just cheated out if a lit if good paying jobs at Amazon. Someone needs to horse whip this donkey

  • Bob Jackson says:

    Get a part time job like us commoners who aren’t making enough to support their life style.
    You can bar tend during all of your breaks and holidays.

  • Jean dunnigan says:

    Members of Congress are hired by and paid by the American tacpayer. As their employer, “We the People” should determine if and when they have earned a pay raise. This clown Congress should be up for dismissal. Clean their house in 2020.

  • CF