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Hillary Clinton Breaks Silence, Makes SCANDALOUS Announcement About The Election Loss



Hillary Clinton is still blaming misogyny for losing the election.

“Certainly misogyny played a role,” Clinton said of the election while speaking at the Women in the World Summit on Thursday. “I mean, that has to be admitted.”

She later suggested that her consistent unfavorable ratings in public opinion polls are the result of her just being too successful.

Clinton claimed that there’s an “inverse relationship” with success and likability — but only for women. The more successful men are, Clinton claimed, the more well-liked they are, while women are disliked for their success.

She also said that she wants to be involved with helping Democrats take back Congress from Republicans.

The former secretary of state has consistently blamed “sexism” for her struggles to appear genuine and likable.

Misogyny is one of many excuses the Clinton camp has given for Hillary’s second failed presidential campaign.

Former President Bill Clinton blamed FBI director James Comey for his wife’s electoral loss, before later saying “angry white men” are the reason for Trump’s victory.

Hillary’s former campaign aides, meanwhile, blamed “white supremacy” for Clinton’s loss. Noticeably absent among the Clinton camp’s litany of excuses for her loss, however, is any real blame for the unpopular candidate.

  • MBH says:

    Hillary can remain as deluded as she wants. She was far from being “too successful.” She was and still is a train wreck.

  • Anne Bundy.t says:

    Not in prison?

  • Msrk Messmer, USN-Ret says:

    It couldn’t possibly be due to her scandalous behavior…

  • CF