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Hosts Of ‘The View’ Launch VILE Attack On Barron Trump – They Aren’t Laughing Now…



Several weeks ago, 11 year-old Barron Trump was traumatized when he saw Kathy Griffin in a photoshoot, holding a severed, bloody head in the likeness of the president. Barron was reportedly upset thinking the images were real.

The experience was very difficult for the young child, which is why it was truly despicable when the women of The View mocked Barron for it on an episode of their ABC talk show.

Former The View host Star Jones got the ball rolling when she guest-hosted the program last week.

“Our president though cracks me up when he says his son was upset,” Jones said, according to Breitbart. “He has to remember — I wonder how upset he was when he heard his father referred to the kinds of assaults that he would do on women or did they not talk about that?”

“Or making fun of handicapped people,” interjected Joy Behar.

“Yes exactly,” said Jones.

“Or make fun of a Gold Star family. I mean he was horrible,” Behar said of Trump.

“There is a lot to have been embarrassed about if that was your father,” Jones concluded.

Since their despicable comments, thousands of patriots are calling for The View to be permanently cancelled. There’s already a petition on called Cancel ABC’s The View that has thousands of signatures. Plus people are also taking to social media to express their outrage and disgust.

Will the ladies on The View apologize for their remarks? Will the show eventually be cancelled due to their inappropriate statements and incessant anti-Trump propaganda? Only time will tell, but in the meantime, thousands of patriots are letting these horrible, spiteful zealots know exactly how they feel.

It’s truly telling of these women that they are incapable of being sensitive to the reaction of an 11 year-old upon seeing such a disturbing image of his father! SHARE this story if you agree The View should be CANCELLED!

  • When are they going to cancel that show, they keep saying they will but haven’t yet. How come they are not in jail after all the horrible things they say and do about our President, and why didn’t they do these things to Obama, look at ALL The BAD and unbelievable things he’s done to our country. He’s not even a CITIZEN OF THE USA. he’s the terrorist that brought all those murdering Muslims in our country.
    Stop saying your gonna cancel and DO IT !!!!

  • Ronald DiCicco says:

    You UGLY communist CUNT

  • Ronald DiCicco says:

    The ONLY thing worse than waking up next to that, is waking up next to Whoopie Goldberg!

  • Deborah says:

    Yes they should be off TV. People are cruel to President and his family. You did not see republicans act this way over Obama We sure did not like what he was doing. Republicans are just a different class of people all together.

  • Vivian Meredith says:

    I quit watching that show when they started bashing Trump. I for one will never watch it again. It should be taken off the air permanently. They are evil and very ill informed. They should be silenced.

  • CF