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A man carrying a knife was arrested outside the White House after he told a U.S. Secret Service officer that he was there to kill the president, police said.

Roger Hedgpeth, 25, was arrested Saturday afternoon on a charge of making threats to do bodily harm, the Metropolitan Police Department said.

Hedgpeth approached a Secret Service officer who was patrolling outside the White House and said he was there to “assassinate” President Donald Trump and “I have a knife to do it with,” according to a police report obtained by The Associated Press.

Police found a 3 1/2-inch knife in a sheath on his left hip, and Hedgpeth also had an empty pistol holster on his right hip, authorities said.

Hedgpeth was taken into custody and brought to a hospital for a mental health evaluation, police said. Officers also impounded his vehicle.

A telephone number listed for Hedgpeth in public records rang unanswered on Sunday. It wasn’t immediately clear where he lives or whether he had an lawyer who could comment on his behalf.

There have been several instances of threats and other strange things happening near the White House in Washington.

White House security has been increased in recent years after several people jumped over the iron fence surrounding the building and lawn. One man made it to the presidential residence in 2014, during former President Barack Obama’s second term.

In 2017, after Trump took office, a California man carrying pepper spray climbed over the fence and roamed around for about 17 minutes before he was caught.

In 2019, officials began construction of a higher, 13-foot fence that almost doubles the previous height, according to an AP report at the time. The Secret Service said it cost about $64 million to complete.

  • arthur facteau says:

    Wondering why it took so long for them to get the guy. Those fences have wiring to let them know when people breach/climb them, they are sensitive to that, as well as there being cameras all over the place, there is no way in God’s green you’re gonna convince me that they had no clue the guy was there unless they were all out on a coffee break and eating doughnuts at the same exact time that the guy climbed the fence…..

    Somethings just not right with this picture, and thinking there needs to be an investigation into why this happened the way it did, and how come this guy got to wander around for as long as he did before he got confronted. We’re talking Presidential Protection Detail here, not some Micky Mouse, Tom & Jerry BS!

  • Gerald Cline says:

    This clown was not there to “assassinate” anyone. He was there looking for attention…any attention…and negative attention was as good as any as far as he was concerned…!?!?!

  • PT says:

    It’s confirmed.
    The dems/leftist/progressives have officially gone insane.

  • gunslinger1964 says:

    Clearly a nut case, There are at least 8 to 12 secret service guys at all times, there is no way he could have got any where close.

  • amilou says:

    Good for the secret service.

  • Carl says:

    The world is full of crazy people and they all happen to be democrats.

  • Conch99 says:

    He wanted a free meal and a clean place to man.

  • CF