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Former New York City Mayor Rudy Giuliani threatened to sue a Fox News host who recommended he be fired from the president’s legal team and called him an “unethical disaster” in a commentary segment on his show.

Giuliani tweeted about it from his social media account on Monday.

“I have not taken a penny for representing my friend, President Trump,” said Giuliani.

“I am outraged that @SteveHiltonx reported that I was trying to pursue private business deals in Ukraine to ‘enrich’ myself, when in reality I have made ZERO in Ukraine! Very lazy reporting!” he added.

Hilton, who hosts the show “The Next Revolution” on Fox News, not only criticized Giuliani, but also other defenders of the president, including reporter John Solomon, and lawyers Victoria Toensing and Joe diGenova.

“There is another side to this swamp, and we need to be open about it,” said Hilton on his show Sunday.

“What’s he doing?” he added, speaking about Giuliani. “He’s going around trying to make business deals out of the Ukraine situation at the same time that he’s acting for his client, President Trump. He’s trying to make money off of his relationship with President Trump. I don’t like that.”

Giuliani said that Hilton’s accusation depended on what he saw as false reporting from the New York Times.

“Since representing Trump I have considered and turned down all deals in Ukraine, even those not presenting a conflict,” he said in a second tweet. He added that his lawyers told him he should sue Hilton for libel.

“If it wasn’t for me, @SteveHiltonx wouldn’t even be covering Burisma. He sure didn’t cover it for the THREE YEARS it was in front of his face. He should apologize for his maliciousness and thank me for the story!” he said in a third tweet.

Here’s the segment from Hilton:

  • DIANE C says:

    please go back to the country you came from!!!!!!!!!!!!! trumpsters do not believe a word you say!!!!

    • Prema says:

      How ungracious and what a horrible representative of our president. I was also angry with Hilton for being just like MSM with no facts. But just jumping on the bandwagon of hatred for anyone is not good for all of us.

  • Ginny Moss says:

    He’s quoting “The New York Times”? Where else does he get his opinions? Bah!

  • Prema says:

    I watched this segment as I happen to like Hilton. But I absolutely noticed that he and his guests jumped on Rudy G. without any facts at all which is not the usual way for Hilton and one reason I have liked him. Last Sunday night however Hilton was vicious and with no facts whatsoever and I tweeted him about it. Look I like getting the facts on the Swamp creatures and sadly I put my faith in Hilton. Now I have to reconsider unless he makes amends. He did a terrible thing and something the MSM are always doing. I thought Hilton was better than this. I left the Borg Dems because they are full of hate, hypocrisy, lies, and destruction of others lives literally.
    Shame on you Steve Hilton. You disappointed so many of us and perhaps showed your true colors.

  • CF