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House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) snapped at CNN’s Dana Bash over a question about the coronavirus lockdown from President Donald Trump’s tweets.

Pelosi was addressing negotiations on a coronavirus stimulus deal when she got irritated at Bash for asking her to respond to a statement from the president’s Twitter account.

“Where do you stand and more importantly what is your message to the president about the timeframe here and what should lead here, the economy or healthcare?” asked Bash.

“Well there doesn’t have to be a contradiction there. Our economy will thrive when our people are well, and able to go back to work in groups, and collaborate on the enthusiasms that they have in their entrepreneurial spirit or in the workplace that they thrive, and our children can go back to school,” Pelosi answered.

“But central to all of that is stopping the spread of the disease, of the coronavirus. It’s central to that,” she continued.
“So I don’t have time to follow people’s twits, tweets, twitters, whatever, tweets, so don’t expect me to comment on them,” Pelosi said emphatically.

“Well even beyond Twitter, the president of the United States is saying that he could open it up,” Bash asked.

“I don’t care!” interrupted Pelosi. “I don’t care! I don’t care! I don’t care!”

Bash continued, “what is your opinion on that?”

“My opinion is that it’s not scientific, he’s notion-mongering as he does almost every day, so rather than waste any time on commenting on the president, I would rather spend our time focusing on the fact that any president or anybody with responsibility should be scientifically inclined. Evidence-based, data, what is going to make the difference?” said Pelosi.

“I think the cure is the biggest message of hope that is out there. We have the best minds in the country, 24/7, all hands on deck trying to find a path here. And that is what will be the light at the end of the tunnel,” she added.

“What the President is suggesting is that that light at the end of the tunnel could be a train coming at us if people are out and about in a way that spreads the disease further,” she concluded.

Pelosi was accused by Republican lawmakers of demanding the coronavirus stimulus bill be stuffed with expenditures serving Democrats’ liberal agenda and stalling the relief for the American people.

Here’s the video of Pelosi’s comments:

  • Lee says:

    She does not have time to read tweets or tweet she is too busy with George Soros writing a fuc%^% bill of 1404 pages that had nothing in it about the virus or the American ppl, She is the scum of the earth.

  • Matt says:

    An old poem for Nancy Pelosi:-

    Don’t care didn’t care,
    Don’t care was wild:
    Don’t care stole plum and pear
    Like any beggar’s child.

    Don’t care was made to care,
    Don’t care was hung:
    Don’t care was put in a pot
    And boiled till she was done.

  • JaneDoe says:

    Pelosi is a liar. She even added Amnesty for her faberge eggs(DACA idiots).

  • Mike Graybeal says:

    How long are we going to allow this DemoRats and these commentators from CNN MSNBC NBC ABC CBS to keep lying to the public keep putting out these lies to the public. Pelosi opens her mouth there’s a lie that filter this way through her teeth.
    Please American voter be paying attention!!!

  • CF