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Meghan McCain tore into Republican Kentucky Sen. Rand Paul during a segment of Tuesday’s “The View.”

McCain, who has often been critical of Paul, lashed out at him for appearing alongside President Donald Trump at a Kentucky rally, demanding that the press reveal the identity of the whistleblower whose allegations brought about a renewed push for impeachment.

“I hate him,” McCain said before Whoopi Goldberg had even finished introducing a clip of that rally.

“The whistle-blower needs to come before Congress as a material witness because he worked for Joe Biden at the same time Hunter Biden was getting money from corrupt oligarchs. I say tonight to the media, do your job and print his name!” Paul said.

“He sounds so crazy. Why does he sound so crazy?” McCain asked. “He does.”

“It’s against the law to reveal the whistle-blower’s identity,” Joy Behar cut in. “And now he’s telling the media to break the law. Why don’t you break the law and then you go to jail, Rand.”

“I’m not mad at that,” McCain laughed.

Goldberg then drew a straight line to former President Richard Nixon, arguing that there would have been more pushback against him. “You know what’s really bothering me about all of this, is that had Nixon tried to do this to anyone, we would have had him out, said no, that’s not how the law works. the Constitution doesn’t work — that’s not how the law works.”

“You had ethical Republicans in those days,” Behar snapped.

“Yeah. I’m so disgusted because, you know, if Rand Paul were doing this to a witness and saying this about a witness that I had on one of my cases, I would send an FBI agent to his house and I would have him brought in because that’s witness intimidation, punishable by up to 20 years in prison,” Sunny Hostin added. “I would have him brought in. This person is a whistle-blower. He’s intimidating that witness and encouraging people to break the law. How dare he? He’s a sitting senator. He knows better.”


  • Chaz says:

    Correct me if I am wrong, but I believe “whistleblowers” are accorded governmental protection but not anonymity. Devious commie libtard bastards define the rules and the laws to suit their purposes at the time they need them.

  • Big Montana says:

    So a democrat plantedCIA agent, spy creating a false narrative to bring about an impeachment of an innocent president is just fine with her, hmmmmm, well that tells me all I need to know about this traitor.

  • Mike says:

    How long will these Skags be able to Spew their Lies on Television???? I mean lets get real, They are Haters who have no Idea about the facts. I hope for the sake of Sanity that the American public is not fooled by this Incredible BS and Lies.

  • PT says:

    You hate him? Because you don’t politically agree with him or because he disagreed with your idolized father on something?
    How absolutely Christian of you Meghan.
    Stay on that show long enough your brain will turn to jello just like Joy’s.

  • rcb says:

    Are you witches on that stupid ass program, the only ones WHO DIDN’T KNOW THE IDENTITY OF THE WHISTLE BLOW JOBBER???? He was outed last week, and is now worthless,as far as pencil-neck is concerned….

  • taterr says:

    Come on folks! #1 who the hell is she? An who cares of her opinion. I guess theres folks out there that worship her. Bless there hearts. Got way to much time on there hands. Ya kinda wanna knw whats next in this FULLTIME cliffhanger. Are there any REAL Lawyers an Judges that still are packn a set of Balls or Tits that there backbone is still there to get rid of these TRAITORS. I guess Matt Dillon is really dead in this Nation.

    enough said

    TRUMP 2020

  • H says:

    He was not a whistleblower but a Leaker. Megan is very confused. And the view what a puke inducing show, Especially Behar yuck

  • CF