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An insider document from the nation’s highest law enforcement agency is reportedly warning of a secret code used by far-left activists. The mark, which could be overlooked for its simplicity, has already been found on at least one structure.

According to an FBI situation report obtained by the Daily Caller News Foundation, it’s believed that antifa activists are behind the graffiti-based code.

The mark, a simple black line painted around buildings, allegedly designates potential arson targets.

The mark was discovered on the federal courthouse in Richmond, Virginia, earlier this week.

“FBI Norfolk received information indicating the Richmond Federal Courthouse exterior walls were spray painted with a thick black line around the entire exterior,” the FBI report said, according to the Daily Caller News Foundation.

A black line of graffiti is seen on the outside of the federal courthouse in Richmond, Virginia, on Tuesday. (FBI via Daily Caller News Foundation)
A black line of graffiti is seen on the outside of the federal courthouse in Richmond, Virginia, on Tuesday. (FBI via Daily Caller News Foundation)

The appearance of the mark in Richmond came shortly after the FBI was informed that antifa affiliates were overheard discussing an attack on the courthouse.

It’s not just ominous graffiti and dark conversations that have authorities on edge, either. In the midst of the past week’s chaos, the Richmond Police Department seized accelerants that may have been intended for use against a building.

“RPD officers are working tirelessly to ensure the City of Richmond is safe for its citizens,” the department wrote on Facebook. “Peaceful demonstrators continue to be infiltrated by those with destructive and/or potentially violent intent — many of whom are not from Richmond.”

It’s unclear how widespread this problem is or if any more structures are being targeted in the same manner.

When asked about the graffiti, the FBI acknowledged the existence of it but refused to release the details of an ongoing case.

“FBI Richmond has been aware of the vandalism and graffiti occurring in our territory lately, and continues to work with our law enforcement partners as appropriate,” FBI Richmond spokeswoman Dee Rybiski told the Daily Caller News Foundation.

While the scope of antifa’s destructive plans is still unknown, it’s virtually guaranteed that the radical group will continue to use widespread unrest in America to further its goals.

The group’s apparent insurgency against the United States reportedly has been in planning for months.

The death of George Floyd in Minneapolis police custody, which sparked massive protests across the country, provided the perfect cover for the radical leftist group as several demonstrations turned chaotic.

With the protests looking unlikely to go away in the near future, there’s no telling how far antifa will now take its extremist activism.

  • AK Johnny 1 says:

    In Richmond? Haha! They should not arrest Antifa until AFTER they burn that shitbox democrat lefty city to the ground, including Ralph’s house.
    These leftist democrats give these rioters and arsonists oxygen and support, then cry “victim” when suddenly THEY feel threatened.
    Cook the place, ya ask me….

  • Sandy says:

    I’d love to catch one of those fks doing this to my house. He/she would never be heard from again.

  • ERIC says:

    They need to be officially named a domestic terrorist organization by the government as well as Black LIES Matter! & they & their kingpin, Emperor Soros need to be taken down & NOW! WHY Soros hasn’t been executed for sedition & treason already is beyond me! But, this shit needs to end, & now! Before we wind up in a 2nd Civil or Revolutionary war w/these communist, terrorist anarchistic thugs!! & The NationaL Guard clearly isn’t enough, & they & the cops are being overrun! Send in the Marines & SEAL’s! & do it NOW, MR. President!

  • Matt says:

    Shoot them. Then to make sure, shoot them again.

  • Intellectual Impaler says:

    Let it burn. Then force Northam to own his wishy washy stance on “peaceful protests”.

  • Mo Better 2020 says:

    Remember the new mantra – “All rioters, looters and arsonists in our city were from out-of-town”. It is the latest idiotic propaganda being spewed by reporters, correspondents and government officials at all levels across the nation. They want you to not believe your lying eyes and buy into their latest attempt to appease the mob, and directly or indirectly infer or imply that it is agitators, possibly white, from parts unknown who are really responsible for the violence. Don’t believe this nonsense for an instant. Sure there are agitators but the local denizens are enthusiastically eager and willing participants!

  • bill says:

    rabid animals that deserve what they get.

  • CF