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Billionaire and former New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg once suggested denying cancer treatment to elderly Americans as a solution to overcrowding in hospitals.

In 2011, while sitting Shiva with a Jewish family, Bloomberg said elderly Americans who are “95-years-old” should be denied treatment if they “show up with prostate cancer” to a hospital in order to shore up resources.

“If you show up with prostate cancer and you’re 95 years old, we should say, ‘Go and enjoy … live a long life. There’s no cure, and we can’t do anything,’” Bloomberg said. “If you’re a young person, we should do something about it. Society’s not ready to do that yet.”

The comments came after a family member told Bloomberg how they had to wait in a New York City emergency room for 73 hours before their loved one died.

Bloomberg also suggested Obamacare was driving up healthcare costs for Americans and predicting at its current trajectory, the policy could bankrupt the country.

“It’s going to get worse with the health care bill and with the government’s cutbacks,” Bloomberg said. “All of these costs keep going up. Nobody wants to pay any more money, and at the rate we’re going, health care is going to bankrupt us.”

Last weekend, the Drudge Report exclusively reported Bloomberg is considering failed Democrat presidential candidate Hillary Clinton as his running mate. Meanwhile, President Trump has said 2020 Democrats face “a revolution within” their party if Bloomberg “came in and bought the election.”

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  • Rick says:

    This is what socialism is to deny to the elderly.. The older you are you go on a list and they hope you die in the meantime. Why do Canadians come to America for treatment..

  • Stephen Russell says:

    Build more HC, senior living centers, use new RX & treatments alone that didnt have 25 years ago.
    For euthensia for seniors, scary

  • Lm says:

    I just cannot believe the hypocrisy. Dems hate old white guys. Thus Bernie, Biden, and Bloomberg. Dems hate the rich, yet Bernie and Biden are Millionares and Bloomberg is a Billionare! Yes, a billionaire that is now their only hope to destroy Trump. He is already talking about destroying Medicare for seniors and determining their lifespan. He is paying off lawyers, and judges to take down Barr because Barr is about to open a can of whoop ass on the Dems swamp. Now Soros name is all over him. He is the new chosen one, and the DNC has made their choice. All of the other chumps are done. Once the mob desides who their front man is gonna be that’s it! Will the Bernie voters jump on board? What a shit show.

  • bill says:

    the WHOLE of the demonratic party is evil. They come up with these “ideas” that people are disposable and there is no accountability for their actions. Today it is IF you are 95 and come forward with a disease, tomorrow it will be 85 and then it will be 60. YET their “followers” have no clue what they are truly up to in order to get power over the people. WAKE THE HELL UP AMERICA.

  • They should take a clip from this and that bizarre play with Bloomberg as Mary Poppins and weave that into a campaign ad where the Nanny Mayor wants to control our lives as the Nanny President.

    Here is a clip with Bloomberg as Mary Poppins:

  • CF