Intruder Allegedly Puts Gun in Homeowner's Face, Demands Money, Orders Him to Room. Turns Out Victim's Double-Barrel is Stored There — and 76-Year-Old Fires it.
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A 76-year-old homeowner told WKBW-TV he heard a knock at the door of his home in Genesee County, New York, shortly after 9 p.m. Tuesday — and a man wearing a ski mask and apparently armed pushed him, forced his way inside, and demanded money.

“He had the gun in my face,” the homeowner told WKBW.

The homeowner added to the station that the intruder asked him and his wife to move to the back mud room — and the homeowner went first, knowing he had a double-barrel shotgun in that very location.

“I hurried up and went down, he didn’t follow me right away,” the homeowner told WKBW. “I backed up against the wall, reached up, and got the shotgun. I put it behind me. He couldn’t see it. He turned around, dropped his money, and he reached down — and I shot from the hip. He went down.”

The homeowner told the station that his wife called 911.

Charles Cooper, 36, was airlifted to a hospital, the Genesee County Undersheriff told WKBW.

WHAM-TV said he was listed in guarded condition Wednesday afternoon, and that charges are pending against him — and that the couple wasn’t injured.

Police told WKBW the homeowner’s gun is legally owned.

Investigators said Cooper specifically targeted the home, WHAM added, and that there was no danger to the public.

  • Pat says:

    So if the man hadn’t legally owned his gun, according to “government”, he would have been charged with taking out this criminal??? This country is really upside down!

  • Save babies not kill them says:

    Love a good ending but it would have been better if the perp died

    • 2nd Amendment says:

      He is in guarded condition, hope he dies in the hospital. Then the scum bucket won’t be around to do it to someone else

  • Softballumpire says:

    I do love the truth being told about the 2nd Amendment in stories. Protecting ourselves is a Right that GOD gave us. Its application is not limited to opposition to against brigands, but against tyrannical government bureaucrats. That is something of which I have NEVER seen in short supply.

  • LST says:

    Sorry to hear the dirtbag criminal will live.

  • Josey says:

    Well, it’s certainly a good thing that Cuomo hadn’t taken away this guys guns…yet!
    But then again, once we responsible citizens turn in our guns, the criminals will all lay down their guns – Dianne Feinstein

  • CF