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Islamic Takeover CONFIRMED – American School Surrenders to SHARIA LAW



slam does NOT mix with Western society at all, and, yet, liberals keep trying to force it on us and our children. It’s time to stand up and say, “Not in MY country!”

The San Diego Unified School is now giving in to Sharia Law and  Muslim culture as a whole. The idea that this could make its way into all of our schools is infuriating. There needs to be a conversation about the options available to resolve this serious problem.

In an attempt to stop the “bullying of Muslim children,” the school has implemented some non-traditional methods. Not only are these methods inappropriate, but they are also hypocritical and downright dangerous.

The changes start off subtly enough. They are going to start adding all of the Islamic holidays to the school calendar. The students are also expected to celebrate and respect these holidays.

Next, students are expected to learn more about “key” Islamic figures in history. They are also going to change the Social Studies courses to show important events that happened in the history of Islam.

“Safe spaces” will be set up all around campus for the Muslim students. The goal here is to fight so-called “Islamaphobia.” The truth is, this is going to cause more problems than it is going to solve.

Letters are going to be sent out to staff and family of the students. The purpose of the letter is to let everyone know that this is going to happen. They are going to also provide additional information about the Islamic culture.

Finally, they are going to punish children suspected of bullying Muslim students. However, these punishments are also extremely odd and Islam-centric. Detention is going to be a thing of the past. Now, they are going to have to work with Muslim students and learn more about the culture. Essentially, their punishment for suspected bullying is to be BRAINWASHED into accepting Sharia law.

It is alarming and extraordinarily inappropriate that these steps are going to take place. It is astounding how hypocritical all of this is when compared to the actual religion of Islam. One of the major pillars of Islamic culture is that you should KILL the people who do not follow the religious teaching. It does not say you should politely teach them why it is a good and happy religion, it says KILL them!

Couple this factor with the way everyone is making Muslims out to be victims of bullying. Muslims are just as likely, if not more likely, to bully other students for NOT believing in the same religion. Why are they being coddled like this? What kind of world do we live in where we all have to submit to the rule of Islam because, if we don’t, it might hurt someone’s feelings?

You never see any other religion put in the spotlight in this manner.  This special treatment where Islam is concerned could have a HUGE impact on the rest of our culture. What if we get to the point where we have to obey Sharia law at our jobs? Or in our homes? We need to stop this kind of behavior in its tracks — NOW. This PC culture is out of control!

Do you think religion should be removed from schools altogether? Let us know in the comments below!

  • Rick says:

    Can’t talk about God in schools so way the hell can this be allowed?!? It’s a double standard set up by pussy liberal fucks with no regard for our kids or America . This is sad to she , my kid would be pulled immediately n every other parent should do the same ! Take our kids out that will cut heir funding. Home school it’s safer.

  • Doug says:

    Canada will be next unless we get our PM out of here! Stop it now before it escalades. Anyone who moves to our country must obey our way of living or kick them out back to their country!

  • Janet Warren says:

    It didn’t say which school in San Diego is doing this. I would like to know as I live here, and want to do more research on it. It says SD unified school, ok which one? Fake news perhaps? I know many people here wouldn’t put up with it. It is a heavy military town.

  • CF