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The Minneapolis City Council unanimously voted on Friday to abolish the Police Department and replace the law enforcement agency with “a community-led public safety system.” For communities its size, Minneapolis has one of the highest crime rates in the nation.

The 13-member city council, comprised of 12 Democrats and one Green Party member, voted to begin a year-long process of engaging “with every willing community member in Minneapolis” to come up with a new public safety model, Reuters reported. The council also established a new workgroup to deliver recommendations by July 24 on how to transform the city’s public safety system.

On Sunday, a veto-proof majority of Minneapolis City Council members announced their intention to defund and disband the city’s police department following the death of George Floyd and subsequent riots.

On CNN, Alisyn Camerota gave every chance she could to Minneapolis City Council President Lisa Bender, who surely, Camerota imagined, didn’t actually imagine a “police-free future” for Minneapolis. Oh, but she did. Earlier in the week, Bender had tweeted her intention to disband the police force, asking white people if they were “willing to dismantle white supremacy in all systems, including a new system?”

On Saturday, a mob of protesters called Mayor Jacob Frey out of his home to ask whether he supports defunding the city’s police department. The angry crowd screamed obscenities and told the community-organizing mayor to “go home” after the mayor said “no” to the idea of abolishing cops.

The far-left cry to “defund the police” is now picking up steam in the Democratic Party, shocking those who thought the idea was too extreme even for today’s Democratic Party.

Trump Campaign Communications Director Tim Murtaugh noticed one thing the “defund the police” loons all have in common: they all support Joe Biden for president. So while the expected Democratic presidential nominee can say he doesn’t support the radicals calling for the abolition of cops, the radicals surely support him.

  • watchman48 says:

    Those that are seeking to defund police have but one agenda, and that is to destroy this nation, and bring Sharia Law for all of America.
    This must surely be the most idiotic idea yet that the liberal has ever came up with. Make no mistake, you leave an opening, the Muslims will be forming community patrols enforcing Sharia Laws in your cities and neighborhoods, and their method of policing will be quick and deadly. There would never again be a fair election in the areas where these patrols existed, there would never again be a safe playground for our children, our wives and daughters would be in danger, Christians and Christian churches would be in danger, and all bars and casinos would be closed.

  • neo says:

    Taking bets the vote to abolish the police force was 12 to 1….democrats were given their marching orders to dismantle the force over the pinning of a torso dummy by a knee over the throat by crisis actors….the real question is who is the “REAL DUMBIES”…lol

  • Lm says:

    Don’t call 911 they will tell you to go fuck yourself and shove a daisy up your ass.

  • Rick says:

    The 13-member city council, comprised of 12 Democrats and one Green Party member..

  • Rick says:

    You won’t to have to buy paper targets you will have the human kind..

  • Jim says:

    How does it go, stupid is as stupid does?

  • Donttrustdems says:

    Oh this should be great!!! Wait until the crime rats quadruple! Then what?

  • CF