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The famous actor James Woods explained that he felt motivated by Democratic Party and all the hypocrites that surrounded Ex-President Bill Clinton’s impeachment.

Ever since his departure, he publicly criticized a lot of Democrats especially the 2016 presidential candidate Hillary Clinton and ex-president Barak Obama.

Following the catastrophic flooding that happened these days in several cities in Texas, Woods expressed his appreciation and praised the ordinary people and their heroic acts:

He also showed his appreciation to President Trump for his generous personal donation of $1 million:

Then he posted a stunning tweet noting that Texas would have a great use of the money that Ex-President Obama gave to Iran:

He really nailed it.

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  • Eduardo says:

    I wish we still had that uranium that Hillary gave to Russia.

  • Gloria Fazio says:

    Thank you for recognizing the wonderful man we have in the White House now and the good he does. And how rotten the no good one did while he was in. He tried to destroy this wonderful Nation but I guess he didn’t realize just how strong America really is. And how we are the most part will stand and fight for her our Flag and our Anthem. And the fact that this Country was built on our strong belief in God.

  • Georgla Stafford says:

    Mr. James Woods thank you for being a patriotic pro-American and thank you for your your support for President Trump

  • CF