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Following President Trump’s decision to rescind DACA, left-leaning advocates, economists, politicians and even corporate CEOS have been inundating the public with their evidence that DACA is a huge financial benefit to the U.S. — and that, therefore, its abolishment would result in dire consequences.

Take, for example, this tweet from Disney’s Robert Iger:

Or this tweet from California’s Senator Kamala Harris:

Incredibly, the immigration group Reform Immigration FOR America [RI4A] even argues that DACA recipients are “critical” to the U.S. economy:

Frankly, it’s difficult to understand how roughly 800,000 people who are in the country illegally (for whatever reason) can be critical to the $18 trillion dollar economy of a nation with 323 million legal citizens, including approximately one million migrants who come to the U.S. legally each year.

Among the people who have raised an eyebrow over the exaggerated claims of DACA supporters is actor/genius/conservative James Woods.

Woods responded quickly with the following:

As article Woods linked to explains, illegal immigration comes at a price:

Welfare benefits are, of course, only one of the many ways illegal immigrants put a burden on the American taxpayer. Of all federal outlays on illegal immigrants, 27 percent are devoted towards “administration of justice,” while 21 percent are medical, and 29 percent are for “general expenditures.” Only 16 percent of costs are public assistance.

Plus, when illegal immigrants have children here, they become legal citizens. They’re then entitled to an even larger array of benefits (including free K-12 education). The total cost of illegal immigration is $113 billion a year at the federal, state, and local level, but the vast majority of the costs ($84 billion) are paid by state and local governments, according to one study by the Federation for American Immigration Reform.

Other research supports this claim. The Center for Immigration Studies argues that “tax breaks to unauthorized alien workers and their employers” cost the U.S. almost $30 billion dollars a year. A study found that illegal households cost the U.S. “$54.5 billion per year.” And Harvard labor economist George Borjas finds that illegal immigration cost the American worker $99 billion to $118 billion in reduced wages.

And as Woods alludes, there are other costs as well, including increased crime and less jobs available to citizens.

So while it may be true that illegal immigration does bring some benefits to the U.S. economy — they buy and help produce stuff, after all — it’s disingenuous to argue, as these DACA supporters do, that there aren’t costs associated with illegal immigration as well.

  • Sweetie FW says:

    You didn’t mention the number of illegal voters because they are issued a drivers license, which in many states automatically register the illegal to vote! California alone had numerous counties that had more voters than legal residents in their counties in the last election!

  • Pendit1 says:

    These bogus comments put out by the Left re the ENDING of DACA, are an effort to persuade ‘dummies’ who are too LAZY or STUPID ( or both) to do the research about whether or NOT DACA recipients benefit or COST the US mega $$$. Spoiler Alert: DACA COSTS US , roughly $54 Billion per year. Read the ENTIRE for sources.

  • JCH says:

    DACA: 800,000 illegal alien Democrat vote con.

  • Richard Misel Jr says:

    Those illegals are of NO benefit to American’s.! They are criminals they take jobs away from American’s they drive down wages, they are a waste of the tax dollars of American citizens in the form of welfare and education and medical. They do NOT want to be American’s they want to turn America into part of mexico.!

  • Rosemary Longworth says:

    The 14th Amendment was NOT written for illegal aliens to have children that became American citizens automatically–it was written in 1867! (150 years ago!) And it was to make the children of freed black slaves into Americans–not every Tom, Dick or Harry that was born here. It should have been rescinded (canceled) after 75 years–but CONGRESS has kept it going for the simple reason that it is a MAGNET luring illegals to come here. This helps all employers to keep wages DOWN, because they have such a big pool of would-be workers to choose from. It deliberately keeps American citizens competing with LAWBREAKERS for these low paying jobs. It has furnished the construction businesses with low paying job openings, and few unions to worry about. Who wins? Only the employers. Workers get less money, and home buyers still pay through the nose for homes.
    “Fence jumpers” who come here to have their babies automatically make a killing financially through the fact that some still argue that the 14th Amendment is for ALL who are born here. The baby is then eligible for all the “freebies” that a US citizen gets from taxpayers…and the parents didn’t have to fill out papers, stand in line for admittance, etc. All they had to do was wait for mom to go into labor–rush into a FREE hospital, and have her “anchor baby.” That was never what the 14th Amendment was to create. It was drafted for a SINGLE PURPOSE–to help the BLACK POPULATION attain the citizenship that IT SO RICHLY DESERVED. Those who drafted it would be horrified at the abuse of it and the monstrous expenses that it now creates in this nation for LAWBREAKERS.

  • CF