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To the great despair of his political enemies, James Woods is back on Twitter after taking a little break, and he’s hit the ground running. Unlike many Americans, the unflinchingly anti-PC, leftism-mocking actor took the time to watch the Democratic debate in Las Vegas Wednesday night and offered his followers some live tweets and follow-up comments on the “simply appalling” event.

Over the course of the evening, he also noted one thing he “loves” about their “dismal” debates and pointed out through contrast what should be a particularly troubling development for the Democrats.

The Democratic debate Wednesday was the first to include billionaire Mike Bloomberg, who’s been rapidly climbing in the polls as former frontrunner Joe Biden has collapsed, and the other candidates were clearly gunning for him early and often.

While Bloomberg got bloodied, he also managed to take perhaps the most effective shot of the night at the new official frontrunner, Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-VT), pointing out that America’s “best known socialist happens to be a millionaire with three houses.” The overall effect was perhaps the most divisive and generally damaging of the debates so far — and Woods was happy to chronicle it.

The actor and widely followed Twitter personality started off by providing some of his responses to the various contenders.

“Dear Lord, how can any man live within hearing range of Warren’s voice? It is literally fingernails on a chalkboard,” Woods tweeted in the first of a series of posts on the event (posts below).

“What is that centipede on Buttigieg’s upper lip? Is that not unnerving, just the slightest bit?” he wrote in a follow-up post.

“It is simply impossible to watch Amy Klobuchar without picturing her eating salad with a dirty hair comb,” he added in another. “The cadence of her voice sounds like she’s choking on a fur ball.”

Woods also pulled out a few GIFs to help him better express his response to the debate. “If you’re just tuning into tonight’s #DemocratClownShow, here’s the first hour in a nutshell…” he wrote, posting a GIF of a downed “Bloomberg” getting kicked and clubbed by the rest of the group.

“Sanders and Warren give #MiniMike the Taint Torture,” he wrote in another. “Here is tonight’s #DemocraticDebate in one gif…” The video included in that post is better seen than described:

The conservative actor later explained one thing that he particularly enjoys about Democratic debates. “I love these [Democratic Debates]. They are a piñata full of video clips [Republicans] will use relentlessly to re-elect the greatest President America has had since Reagan,” he mused.

Following the event, Woods summed up his response to the brutal debate. “That motley crew on the Vegas stage tonight was the worst gaggle of miscreants ever to aspire to the presidency in my lifetime,” he wrote. “Simply appalling. Though funny for a while, it’s become a dismal, terrifying state of affairs.”

Before the whole thing got going, Woods provided what should be a very troubling contrast for the Left between the Democrats’ current situation and Republicans’.

“While the weasels snap at each other in the [Democratic Debate], here are Americans celebrating the President who saved this country from the last lying socialist,” he wrote along with footage of a massive line of Trump supporters waiting to get into an arena in Phoenix for his rally Wednesday.

Below are Woods’ Democratic debate tweets in order:

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  • PT says:

    Missed you Mr. Woods.
    Glad you are back.

  • Laurie says:

    Wow, great crowd for Trump! Keep America great, those democrats are scum.

  • William says:

    I find it amusing that here we have a man who sees what’s is the reality of what’s going on in the country!! He lives and works in a place that can’t or won’t see that at all, in fact they seem to be braindead and completely blind!! Just goes to show you out of millions of blind idiots one person of merit can see and understand!!

  • lou says:

    I love James Woods, will support anything he puts out in the entertainment business.

  • Adrianne says:

    America will always stay Free. Americans are fighters and they won’t give up their Liberties very easily. We have someone in office who does care about this country not an easy way out but standing firm for this Nation. It is about time! Stamping out people who take our money and say they care. Right—. Actions speak louder than Words. I hope Americans can finally see this. God be with us.

  • CF