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Former Vice President Joe Biden responded to criticisms from New York Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and others over his reportedly “middle ground” stance on global warming.

“I’ve never been middle of the road on the environment,” Biden said at a campaign stop in New Hampshire Tuesday.

“Tell her to check the statement that I made and look at my record,” Biden said. “She’ll find that nobody has been more consistent about taking on the environment and the green revolution than I have.”


Ocasio-Cortez, along with other Democrats and activists, criticized Biden amid reports he would take a “middle ground” on climate policy, which would likely reinstate or expand Obama-era environmental policies.

“I will be damned if the same politicians who refused to act then are going to try to come back today and say we need a middle of the road approach to save our lives,” Ocasio-Cortez said at a rally for the Green New Deal held Monday.


However, Biden insisted Ocasio-Cortez wasn’t talking about him at Monday night’s Green New Deal rally because of his strong environmental record.

“I don’t think she was talking about me,” Biden said. “Look, all they’ve got to do is go back and read what I’ve done already and you’ll be hearing very shortly the totality of what I plan on doing.”

“It’s a long campaign and they should calm down a little bit,” Biden said.

Ocasio-Cortez and Massachusetts Democratic Sen. Ed Markey introduced the Green New Deal in February, a non-binding resolution calling for legislation to drastically transform the U.S. economy to fight global warming.

Some Democrats running for president in 2020, like Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders, support the Green New Deal resolution. Biden has not supported the Green New Deal, which might be because labor unions oppose the bill.

Republican lawmakers oppose the Green New Deal, seeing it as a socialist plan. Democratic leadership has also been unwilling to embrace the Green New Deal and, instead, proposed alternative bills that don’t go as far in shifting the economy.

  • carma says:

    Biden has too much baggage to talk his way out of it and has colluded w/ Obama on weaponizing agencies, lying about policies, putting bad people into power, allowing & participating in very corrupt activities, and in general being inept about all else. he will never be President.

  • abolishliberalism says:

    old Crazy Joe will most likely be the first democrat to tell AOC how it really is… lol,lol,lol… and its going to be a real blast!

  • Mark Traxler says:

    Anything and everything is too much for that dummy to comprehend. And if anybody agrees with her and her rhetoric, they are in the same boat as well.

  • coachpan says:

    “nobody has been more consistent about taking on the environment and the green revolution than I have.””
    But what have you done besides talk?

  • joe says:

    Money is green. The Democrats have this “new green deal”. It is designed to take your money. Man made climate change is another hoax like Russia collusion. So, let us call it what it is, the Democrats ” new green steal”.

  • Tom says:

    When is AOC’s term over? This article provides all the context we need, as it portrays Obama/Biden policies as “middle-ground”… To call anything associated with Obama middle ground is seriously misleading… just goes to show how wacked out AOC and her fellow socialists are, and how off the scale left the democrats have become…

    Joe Biden is not middle ground on anything!!!!

  • CF