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Joy Behar’s Sexually Explicit Joke About Trump and Putin Is So Bad, Even ‘The View’ Audience Groans



Joy Behar cracked a sexually explicit joke about President Donald Trump’s relationship with Russian President Vladimir Putin during a Monday discussion on “The View” — and even some members of the audience groaned.

“See, when Putin shook hands with Trump, he did this. This is Putin’s hand on top,” Behar said, holding co-host Sunny Hostin’s hand to show the audience. “So Trump was a bottom. Get it?”

After hearing the shocked reaction from some people in the audience, Behar responded, “What? He was on the bottom. That’s all.”

The women of “The View” went on to criticize Trump for discussing the possibility of Russia helping the U.S. on a cybersecurity task force, which Trump later said wouldn’t happen.

“He doesn’t want to it admit it … They’ve got him by the short hairs. It’s so obvious,” Behar added.

It’s unclear if she was implying that Russian officials have the goods on the U.S. president and are able to manipulate him. However, Behar went on to say that Americans who still support Trump are only worried about the 2020 election, not what’s best for the nation.

“They are all a bunch of cowards,” Behar said. “They are more cowardly than they are patriotic.”

Watch the video below:

  • I dont watch the view. Dont even have local channels. Joy n whoopie were LEAVING is what i thought????

  • William says:

    Behar, should be FIRED ! not for making a sex joke, but for implying the American people who believe in Trump that they are all stupid !!!

    While, I am not a huge fan of Trump, you are insulting a large portion of American people and even I myself have to deal with Trump and let’s give this man achance, Behar is a waste to society and must be FIRED !!!

  • Mary Melcer says:

    Kick her sick butt out of the television viewing area.. I have had enough of hearing about the View. They have no view except neagativity about the good people of America. God get her out of our viewing……Mary

  • CF