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On Monday, a jury ruled against a Texas father, Jeffrey Younger, attempting to save his seven-year-old son from a gender transition being facilitated by Dr. Anne Georgulas, the boy’s mother and Younger’s ex-wife.

“With a consensus of 11 of the 12 jurors, the jury decided not to grant Mr. Younger Sole Managing Conservatorship over his two twin boys,” LifeSiteNews reported Monday. “They voted that the current Joint Managing Conservatorship should be replaced by a Sole Managing Conservatorship, but that Mr. Younger should not be that person.”

According to the report, Georgulas has been granted authority to move forward with puberty blockers, which can cause chemical castration, and, potentially, hormones. Moreover, Mr. Younger will likely be forced to “affirm” his son’s new gender identity: a girl named “Luna.”

​”I want you to imagine having electronic communication with your son on FaceTime, and imagine that your ex-wife has dressed him as a drag queen to talk to you,” Younger told host Luke Macias during an episode of “The Luke Macias Show” podcast in January. “He has false eyelashes and makeup. His hair has got glitter in it. He’s wearing a dress.”

“Now imagine how you would feel seeing what I believe is actual sexual abuse — I believe this is not just emotional abuse but is the very, most fundamental form of sexual abuse, tampering with the sexual identity of a vulnerable boy,” the father continued.

As reported by The Daily Wire in November, court documents show that Younger’s son only dresses as a girl when he’s with his mother, who calls the boy by his trans name and has even enrolled James as “Luna” in school. According to Younger, however, James consistently chooses to wear boy’s clothes, “violently refuses to wear girl’s clothes at my home,” and identifies as a boy whenever he is around him.

James’ mother has accused Younger of child abuse in their divorce proceedings “for not affirming James as transgender” and is looking to strip the dad of his parental rights, reported The Federalist. Georgulas is also seeking to force Younger to foot the bill for James’ visits to a transgender-affirming therapist and transgender medical alterations, which may include “chemical castration” two years from now, when the child is just eight.

The boy, according to Younger, has already been fully “socially transitioned.”

“[James] wears a dress at her (his ex-wife’s) home; he has a new made-up name, Luna – it appears in the court filings. He goes to school; the teachers call him ‘Luna.’ He uses the girl’s bathroom at school. All of his authority figures – his mother, his teacher, the librarian at school, the police officer at school, the principal at school – tell him he’s a girl. I’m the only authority figure in his life that tells him the truth; that he’s actually a boy,” Younger noted during the podcast.

The father noted that, in his opinion, he witnessed that his wife “was only giving [James] love and affection when he was acting like a girl.” She used to lock James in his room and tell him monsters only eat boys, Younger added.

“Every. Single. Day. You have to see your son sexually abused, and you have to maintain your calm,” the Texas father continued, “because the courts are not going to be fair to you. And the only way you can survive this and get your son through this alive is to calmly allow your son to be tortured right before your eyes and outlast the opposition. That’s what it’s like.”

“They’re asking me to affirm a delusion,” he said.

  • Gerry says:

    “forced to affirm” — BULLSH** !!! This is NOT 1938 Germany or Russia. The jury was either tampered with or was made up of a bunch of gay libbers. A 7 year old kid whose entire life will be all F***** up because of this jury, the judge,the doctor and mother .

  • Annabel says:

    What an absolute abomination! There is no way a child of that age could know about transgenders and all that entails. The mother obviously wanted a girl without going through another pregnancy. That’s the gist of it and she is completely loony and should be so evaluated. This has to be reversed before it is too late. Take it right up to the Supreme Court. The father needs a Go Fund Me to fight this tooth and nail. God bless him.

  • Joe says:

    What’s the “mother” afraid of that hormones will turn this boy into a man as nature intended? No way does a 7 year old have any sexual urges yet to know what eventually they will be attracted to. This is abuse. The mother may be dearranged but what the heck is wrong with the judge and jury?

  • CF