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JUST IN: AZ Changed 1 Simple Law… Now Muslims Are FLEEING By The THOUSANDS



Liberals love to justify mass Muslim immigration — all on the basis that America is a nation of immigrants. However, Muslim immigrants today are nothing like the men and women who founded our country.

The state of Arizona revealed that so-called Muslim refugees are only seeking welfare, and not refuge. Muslim refugees are fleeing Arizona in droves after the state stopped giving benefits to migrants who are unwilling to work. (via Phoenix New Times)

Former President Barack H. Obama rolled out the welcome mat to Somali refugees, forcing states to accept them as new residents. Each refugee migrating to America received $925 of taxpayer money.

However, after those federal funds ran out, Arizona refused to cover the tab. Only immigrants who were attempting to learn English, and find employment, could receive support.

Instead of learning the national language and attempting to find work, more than half of the refugees who originally resettled in Arizona have left for a more generous state.

The entire purpose of a refugee program is to offer temporary shelter to the victims of prolonged war or tragedy. However, recently, refugee status has morphed into an accelerated immigration process.

If we’re accepting permanent refugees, the least we can do is assimilate them into our culture and economy. These refugees are fleeing war, and should be otherwise healthy, and ready to contribute.

So, nothing is stopping our new residents from finding work aside from laziness and ignorance. Learning the official language is the least you can do for the country paying your bills!

It’s true that America is a nation of immigrants, but immigration has changed considerably since the days of our founding fathers. Crossing the Atlantic 200 years ago was an arduous, often deadly task, that only the bravest could commit to. If and when you arrived in the new world, you were forced to fend for yourself.

There were no welfare programs — only open land. Surviving the first winter was the first test for American citizenry. However, in the modern era, immigrants are offered chartered flights to the state of their choosing. Upon arrival, the government sets them up with housing, food stamps, and a fat welfare check.

Immigrants today are not the same as the immigrants of the 18th and 19th centuries. The Muslim refugees in Arizona are not willing to work, let alone work the land.

President Trump should pass similar laws across all American states. Learning English and finding a job should be the minimum requirement for being an American.

  • Jim says:

    Nice job AZ. I live in S.C., I can only hope our state does the same. We in the U.S. have enough lazy people that have been on welfare for generations.

  • Diane says:

    But where are they fleeting to? Not back to their own country.

  • Ellen Henry says:

    Learn our ways and culture if you want to live in America

  • CF