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JUST IN: CIA Director Break Silence To Make MAJOR Announcement: ‘Trump Was RIGHT About Muslim …



CIA Director John Brennan shocked Obama when he broke his silence on ISIS. Obama was not just shocked that Brennan came forward, but that he broke ranks and destroyed Barack’s carefully constructed narrative on ISIS.

A false narrative apparently. Because CIA director John Brennan repudiated every last bit of it. Obama claims ISIS is “under more pressure than ever before,” that the anti-ISIS campaign is “firing on all cylinders” and on and on Obama drones, boring everyone within earshot.

It should be pointed out that Obama, later in his remarks, clarified and admitted that “ISIS is gaining traction elsewhere.”

Maybe it was this Obama duplicity that set Brennan off? Maybe it was his duty and honor that compelled him to come forward and set the record straight. To clear up the misstatements because after all this is a matter of national security.

Obama and the liberals love to play politics with our security, that is one of the main reasons they keep losing elections.

John Brennan said,

“US led effort has not hampered ISIS terrorism capability or global reach.”

“ISIS will intensify terror attacks around the world.”

The group is exploring of infiltrating operatives in the west including refugee flows, smuggling routes and legitimate methods of travel.”

It’s rare for  a CIA Director to publicly repudiate a sitting President. It goes way beyond decorum.  Most Presidents actually listen to their CIA Directors.

Another first for Obama.

Source: Worldnewspolitics

  • Virginia Virginia says:

    This man is an Islamic convert. Google it or ask him.

  • Tom says:

    Hi how are you. Ban everything.

  • Michal Yantone says:

    Ban all Muslims until they can be properly vetted, it’s vital to our national security and those who don’t think that it is are naive.

  • Sabrina says:

    Yes I support him…and send the ones here back…they are breaking the law..send all illegals packing…follow the constitution for gods sake..Thats what America is to live by…

  • IRENE says:

    Obama has been setting up for the Sharia Law and The One World Order and the democrats has helped him. He also was trying to disarm us in order to control us so he could do this with out a FIGHT.

  • CF