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JUST IN: Now We Know Who The NSA Leaker Was Working For… THIS IS TREASON



It’s unbelievable how much nonsense President Trump has had to deal with since taking office. The swamp is deep!

Reality Winner is the latest thorn in Trump’s side. According to Fox News, Winner, a former government contractor, was arrested for leaking NSA information to online publications. Winner wrote that if she had her way, she would burn down the White House, go to Afghanistan, and pledge allegiance to the Taliban. DISGUSTING.

The whole case surrounding this woman is disturbing, to say the least. There are phone calls between Winner and her mother wherein Winner coaches her mother on interacting with the media. Her mom got on camera and followed her daughter’s orders. What’s going on here?

If you listen to the way Winner’s defense attorney speaks about her, it causes some serious alarm. Attorney Titus Nichols made it sound like his client was being punished for being a rambunctious millennial who “doesn’t know any better.”

Titus said that, “Because my client is a millennial and she knows how to use technology, that’s somehow proof of evil intent.” Titus is missing the point here.

Winner isn’t going to be allowed out of jail until her trial — she released TOP SECRET information to an unnamed media outlet.  In and of itself, that is a felony, and a reason for us to be alarmed.

When you take into consideration Reality’s talks about burning down the White House and “joining the Taliban,” you REALLY have to worry. We’re in the midst of dealing with some of the most violent extremists the world has ever seen, and we’re supposed to let this go because of her age? NO.

Law enforcement needs to conduct a full investigation — there’s no reason she should ever be allowed to walk free. Winner’s parents are willing to put their 20-acre chunk of property, and house, on the market to bail her out.

As a country, we NEED to take people who behave like this seriously. This is the equivalent of catching a terrorist with bombs on his chest and, instead of punishing him, proclaiming: “He should be let free! He didn’t actually DO anything!” No — but he would have, given the chance. We can’t figure out what part of this isn’t clear.

We’re alarmed by the fact Winner was leaking information — not because she was worried about the state of her country, but because of the political favor she stood to gain. As Tucker Carlson pointed out, there’s a huge difference between whistleblowing to defend your country, and leaking info because to derail the new president.

Justice will be served to Reality Winner, and all of those involved with leaking documents from the government in the effort to sabotage the president. We’re not going to sit by and watch this happen any longer.

  • AHZZ says:

    To “GITMO”, YOU GO, dumb millennial FOOL!
    You’ll feel right at home with the rest of YOUR KIND!

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  • Socal Lady says:


  • Ron Yates says:

    She should be given the maximum sentence upon conviction as a deterrent to further disclosure of Classified material. She is only the first of many to come.

  • Pam Stein says:

    Yes she needs to be prosecuted to fullest extent, but it’s not just her that needs to be prosecuted. James Comey admitted to leaking information in hopes of influencing the appointment of special counsil. And don’t forget Hillary Clinton, the worst offender of them all! I’m tired of seeing military careers ruined because dumb little Johnny took photos inside of a nuclear sub to show his mom, with obviously no nefarious intentions he’s still jailed and his career ruined. Yet when a public official does something 10x worse, they walk.

  • Rosie Eiler says:

    To the parents, yes you love your daughter,but she is a grown women, let her stand on her own two feet and take responsibility for her actions .Pray for her instead.

  • CF