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JUST IN: OBAMA Officially Betrays EACH & EVERY AMERICAN – Says “Electoral College Founders Are …”



President Obama, often considered the weakest president in history, chose a strange time to get tough. His last press conference. Obama took the time to call the electoral college outdated,

“The Electoral College is a vestige, it’s a carryover from an earlier vision of how our federal government was going to work that put a lot of premium on states.”

Wow. He then took some shots at the founders decision to protect state’s rights,

“It’s the same type of thinking that gives Wyoming two senators with about 500,000 people and California with 33 million gets the same two.”

It sure is odd that when Obama is on the losing side the foundations of our democracy are no longer up to date. But rather vestiges of…

What an ego. unbelievable. You can watch the shocking video here:

Source: Worldnewspolitics

  • Michael Dickey says:

    Please excuse me for my reply as follows. But I getting angrier and angrier with all the BLACK CRAP! I have lost all respect for Obama and his “angry black woman”. I wish he would get his black anus out of this country. If “Black Lives Matter”, so do “White Live Matter”. If you want to fight, your will shall be granted.

  • Jim says:

    Obama is bent on hell in destroying the USA.

  • Sandra says:

    Of course, he is on the losing side. He wouldn’t be saying this if he was on the winning side! Not much longer!

  • Fiesty says:

    Nothing can help this egotistical wimp of an excuse for a man! He needs to fade away into the sunset QUIETLY!

  • CF