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KABOOM: Senate Just OBLITERATED The Obama “Legacy”…Dems Are Furious!



President Obama hasn’t had the greatest track record when it comes to supporting our military.

From his policies and his treatment of countries abroad to his continued dismissal of our troops, few Americans could say Obama was a strong supporter of our servicemen and women.

His radical social programs further jeopardized our military, pushing an LBGT and transgender agenda that only serves to distract from our Armed Forces’ goals of keeping America safe. It seemed every strange liberal priority took precedent over the basic responsibility of preserving our freedoms.

At the end of his time in office, Obama made one more attempt to undermine the military, by trying to close Gitmo. Many of us remember that closing the controversial prison was a pillar of the man’s 2008 campaign. Yet it stayed open for the last eight years, to the chagrin of many a liberal.

But it looks like his plans to finally shut it down are already dead in the water.

From Right Wing News:

Congress is sending President Barack Obama a defense policy bill that seeks to give Republicans the final word on key national security issues. The bill rebuffs his attempts to shutter the prison at Guantanamo Bay, Cuba, and reduce the size of armed forces.

The Senate easily passed the defense legislation Thursday on a vote of 92-7, one week after the House overwhelmingly approved the bill.

The defense bill authorizes $611 billion to run the military in 2017.

The legislation bars the Pentagon from trimming the military’s sprawling constellation of bases and facilities, even though senior U.S. defense officials say there is excess capacity.

The bill blocks the Pentagon’s planned reductions in the number of active-duty troops by prohibiting the Army from falling below 476,000 soldiers — 16,000 more than Obama’s defense budget proposed.

We may never know why Obama had such contempt for our military and their fight to protect us from terrorism. It seemed he wanted to strip it of all power and resources, giving more legitimacy and power to foreign nations and threats.

Yet this bill has struck the final blow in Obama’s toxic legacy. Even the House passed it 375-34, a massive landslide.

The bill provides a pay raise for troops as well as a boost in the active duty end strength of the Army, Air Force, and Marines. This bill no doubt reflects the attitude of the incoming administration, which has embraced our military and vowed to strengthen it.

Source: Right Wing News

  • mcwsunshine says:

    A good start to achieve peace through strength…more to be done.

  • mcwsunshine says:

    Take notice of all the Democrats jumping ship on Obama and trying to jump on the Trump train. There are dozens of them up for re-election in 2018, hahahahahahah

  • Michael Dickey says:

    Obliterate Obama’s Legacy!

  • Marge Furman says:

    In unity there is strength.

  • jane says:

    dumbass will veto it and the Senate will have to over ride the veto…

  • mimi says:

    United We Stand ,,, Devided We Fall ! Thank GOD WE HAVE PRESIDENT TRUMP !

  • CF