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Presidential primary candidate Kamala Harris was confronted on Monday by an upset Iowa resident over the California senator’s plan to overhaul health care in the United States.

The Democrat was speaking to voters at the Bickford Senior Living Center in Muscatine, Iowa, when one of the center’s residents challenged her on how she planned to pay for “Medicare for All” and told her not to “mess with” health care.

“Leave our health care alone,” Roberta Jewell, a 91-year-old resident at the senior living facility, told Harris as she was describing her campaign’s health care proposal. “We don’t want you to mess with it.”

Harris responded that she doesn’t intend to mess with anyone’s health care, but to make sure that everyone has the coverage they want.

“I want to make sure that it’s the way you like it,” she told Jewell. “I promise you that. I won’t mess with the health care that you have.”

The conflict with the senior resident in Iowa highlights Harris’ problem explaining her stance on health care to voters.

Last month, Harris – in an attempt to appeal to both the progressive and moderate wings of the Democratic Party – released one of the more confusing and vague health care proposals of the campaign season.

Harris’ plan did little to unite the divided factions within the Democratic Party, with progressives taking issue with the presidential candidate for stopping short of the full-scale health care overhaul embodied by the “Medicare for All” legislation. Her more moderate rivals, meanwhile, said she was trying to have it all without taking a firm position on one of the most animating issues in the primary.

“Medicare for All” has become a central focus in the Democratic primary, with the most progressive candidates calling for a revolutionary approach to providing government insurance coverage for all Americans at a lower price than the private market.

But, Harris split from that approach on several fronts. She envisions a role for private insurers as long as they follow the government’s rules.

She would slow the transition to a so-called single-payer system to 10 years from the four that her rival in the primary, Sen. Bernie Sanders of Vermont, has proposed. And she has ruled out tax increases on middle-income Americans, an idea to which Sanders has expressed openness in exchange for lowering the price of health coverage.

Harris has repeatedly been forced to clear up her stance on “Medicare for All.” She previously appeared to suggest that she supported abolishing private insurance but later clarified that she does not.


  • Stephen Russell says:

    Hey Dems Wake UP Fools dont F*** with our HC If anything make IT Better: Competitive prices, free market,
    Open new HC tech etc A-Z.
    Hear that Iowa voter nationwide X20 million

  • RD says:

    Harris is a blithering idiot. She would still be working the streets if it wasn’t for Willie Brown former S.F. mayor.

    • william says:

      YEAH!!! If it wasn’t for “WILLIE BROWN” giving “Camel’la” all that veiny rope, she would still be on a corner in “Pute Ville” selling rotten produce!!! She still is, but on a different corner in DC!!!

  • Oh no says:

    Let her have it Grams!!!!!!

  • Len says:

    This bitch will say whatever she thinks her audience wants to hear. She has no real plans for anything. She has no chance to be president in 2020 or ever. Lying sack of shit!

  • Gayle says:

    All the socialist idiots are going around promising everything for free and can’t tell you how they plan on paying for it! They say the very rich but there is not enough rich people to pay for half of what they are promising! If you vote for thme all you will get is taxes and your rights taken away from you!

    • william says:

      Gayle, //:: That’s not all you get!! You also get to see the greatest “Country in the World”, flushed down the toilet, like what’s happened to so many countries in Europe!!! Sweden, Norway, Denmark, Germany, France, England, etc!!! Sounds like fun huh?? MAGA!! KAG!! TRUMP 2020!!! And we stay free!!!!

  • Tim Woolsey says:

    Did anyone besides me notice how condescending Kowmela was towards this elderly woman? Talking to her like she was a little child! What a bitch

  • william says:

    If that “woman of the night” gets to the White House, I can already hear the sound of America being flushed down the toilet!!!
    It’s funny how people forget about the piles of “six-person coffins”, the trainloads of flat cars carrying “UN marked military vehicles” The “tunnels under the empty Walmarts, the thousands of “guillotines” that were purchased, The “FEMA DEATH CAMPS that were being set up, waiting to “cleanse America for the NWO/GLOBALISTS Power-hungry A-holes, etc, etc!!!!
    REMEMBER??? That was just six years ago!!! And all the rest of the “death” that awaited America and her people when Killary took office!!! Do you want that??????? VOTE DEMONCRAP!! You want to see the country cleaned-up and all the “garbage” disposed of??? VOTE TRUMP 2020!! MAGA!! KAG!!

  • CF