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Former “Today” co-host Katie Couric criticized coverage of politics from Fox News, saying it “shocked” her and that watching it made her “crazy.”

Couric made the comments during a political panel at the Makers Conference.

“Sometimes I watch Fox just to see how they’re covering things. And I don’t know why I’m shocked every time I watch it, but it’s just an alternate universe,” Couric said.

“And it is crazy to me,” she added. “And anyway, it just, it makes me crazy.”

Couric claimed that the viewers of Fox News were not well served despite the network’s high ratings.

“They’re getting affirmation, not information. As a result, they are not actually understanding facts and truth,” Couric said. “I mean, if you want to talk about fake news, that’s state-run television, really.”

Fellow panelist and Yahoo News reporter Brittany Shepherd agreed.

“He can capitalize on anger and happiness and joy and confusion in a way that the Democratic Party right now, nationally, has not been able to quite suss out,” she complained.

Couric was caught deceptively editing an interview for a documentary advocating for gun control in 2016 and faced aggressive criticism from gun rights defenders. She was forced to apologize later, but attempted to shift the blame to the movie’s director.

Here’s the video of Couric’s comments:

  • errollus says:

    Sounds like this crooked woman is in fact crazy herself.

  • Tom says:

    I used to like Couric, but over time that changed. I noticed when it came to certain issues, such as those involving, feminism, liberal causes and liberal politics she would toss softball questions to people she agreed with and would question people she disagreed almost as if they were on trial. Katie totally lacks journalistic objectivity. I used to call her Katie Softball. I doubt she’ll ever change.

  • Frank Campo says:

    Gee Katie are you a reporter? At one time reporters would report news without bias. That’s when Odumbo came in and divided everyone. Suck it up and look at both sides. Then present it fairly

  • CF