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Musician Kid Rock was reportedly escorted off the stage at his own bar in Nashville after going on a rant about Oprah Winfrey and Joy Behar.

The rant occurred sometime last week and the whole ordeal was caught on camera, according to a report published Friday by TMZ. Kid Rock said “F**k Oprah Winfrey and “F**k Kathie Lee” while standing on stage at his bar “Honky Tonk Bar.”


“I’m not a bad guy, I’m just an honest guy, saying I don’t like Oprah Winfrey or Joy Behar,” the “All Summer Long” singer can be heard saying in the video obtained by TMZ. “They can suck d**k sideways.”

He went on to say people will call him racist, but he claims it’s not a race thing because he doesn’t like Behar either.

“‘You’re f**king racist,’ and I’m like ‘You’re f**king weird,’” he said.

He reiterated his dislike for Winfrey later in the video.

“Oprah Winfrey is like, ‘Hey, I just want women to believe in this s**t,’” he said. “F**k her, she can suck d**k sideways.”

Kid Rock has previously showed his dislike for Behar by calling her a “bitch” on live TV.

“I would say, love everybody … except screw that Joy Behar bitch,” he said during an appearance in November of 2018 on “Fox & Friends.”

  • proud patriot says:

    Liberals can have that tacky horrible black Oprah. We have the great white God Trump and the classy Kid Rock.

    • Wef12345 says:

      That is a bit ridiculous my friend.

    • Michael says:

      Yeah, we have Trump, but he’s not our God, that is Jesus and the Almighty Father. You Libtards also have Obama and the Clintons, the biggest traitors this country has ever known. And don’t forget about your god, Satan. So shut the fuck up, jerk-off! Kid Rock was right, Oprah’s a fucking phony and Behar’s a complete cunt. Of course you’d be proud of them, you’re a Liberal Democrat, and you’re all jack-asses. That’s why you have a donkey as your party’s symbol. Funny how you never have a problem with any of the foul-mouth bullshit that comes out of Behar’s mouth, not to mention all the other Hollywood douche-bags! But Kid-Rock says something about your Black Queen Oprah, and all of a sudden your so righteous. Just proof you’re a phony, just like her. Fuck you and her , and Behar, and every Liberal Democrat on the face of the Earth!

    • Evangeline says:

      To Proud Patriot. You are no patriot. You’re a sore loser lib that trolls conservative sights because you have no life and probably live in your mother’s basement.

      • Matt says:

        Proud Patriot will be off to his Dacha now his shift is over.

        The Russian cyber warriors didn’t want Trump as president.

        • proud patriot says:

          According to all of Trump’s intelligence sources, the Russian cyber warriors worked hard to get Trump elected. Why do you think they no longer want him in power? Trump works for Russia’s benefit on a daily basis.

          • Annabel says:

            PeePee: I am still waiting for ANYONE to explain why on earth Russia wanted Trump as President over Hillary whom the Russians had over a barrel…Hmmmm? They could get whatever they wanted out of Hillary but President Trump would be a far tougher President with whom to deal.

          • proud patriot says:

            Vagina, if we knew anything about Trump’s finances, your question might be answered. At any rate, it’s clear that Trump will do whatever Putin tells him to. What does that tell you?

          • Lm says:

            Speaking of Vaginas how is yours? You really should seek treatment. Untreated Vaginitis can be serious.

      • Jim says:

        Obama pajama soy boy.

        No doubt.

  • Sesa says:

    What did Kathie Lee do?

  • Bobby Tucker says:

    Now that’s getting really bad, not only have they taken away his freedom of speech but they have taken away his freedom of speech in his own property!? Where’s the logic!?

    • proud patriot says:

      I don’t think you understand the concept of freedom of speech, Bobby. No governmental agency silenced Kid Rock. His friends helped him off the stage to keep him from making an even bigger fool of himself. If he wants to take them to court, he can. If you approve of his speech, you can suck dick sideways. Same for Melania and Mike Pence. They can suck dick sideways. Am I right? You MAGA people are so crude.

      • Jim says:

        You mean crude like Jeffery Epstein? Or crude like Anthony Weiner? Or crude like Maxine Waters?

        Just curious.

      • Wilson says:

        Crude is you morons having kids believe they can lop off their own body parts for make believe genders. Crude is BLM protesters. Crude is throwing away crosses getting rid of them and calling them trash when a permit was given for their placement. Crude is antifa terrorist going around hitting people with baseball bats and tire irons so stfu you ape. Why don’t you go suck big mike off if you want to suck things so much. Damn hypocrite.

  • Paul says:

    Good for him. More of this needs to happen. Mock them and hit them back hard. Those commies have no moral ground to stand on.

  • Proud Patriot os just happy that the others can suck dick sideways, Proud Patriot doesn’t want ANYONE to know that he takes 5 dicks at the same time up his fat ass sideways. Suck on this, un-Proud Patriot.

  • LM says:

    So that Crack Head rapper can sing” Fuck Trump” song about , the President if the US but Kid cannot speak ill of The O cow? Hmmm

  • ttd says:

    I am liking your site less and less each day! One more asshole article and I am gone. Kid Rock is on our side. Why highlight a situation showing him in a bad light? Then you keep it up forever. Screw you people!

  • CF