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Maryland congressional candidate Kim Klacik grabbed her high heels and returned to the streets of Baltimore for her new campaign ad. Her first video, in which she toured some of the downtrodden parts of the city in a dress and stilettos and tore the city’s liberal leaders a new one, was such a hit that it earned her millions of fans and a speaking spot at the Republican National Convention.

So why mess with a winning message? In her second ad spot, Klacik asks voters, “Do you care about black lives? I do,” and takes them on another tour.

“Unlike the people that currently run Baltimore, I actually have a plan to make life better for black people here,” she says at the start of her walk.

“There are piles of garbage all around Baltimore,” Klacik notes. “It makes life unsafe for our families.”

She promises to work with city leaders to get the Baltimore Solid Waste Bureau the resources it needs to take out the trash.

Our streets should be a reflection of our leaders, she said. Clean, not dirty.

There are over 17,000 abandoned buildings in Baltimore. Klacik plans to address those eyesores by introducing tax credits and incentive programs to help residents buy and rehabilitate these homes.

Klacik has a plan for education too. As she noted on Hannity Monday night, 9 out of 10 young black boys are not reading at grade level. Over a dozen high schools have zero students who are proficient in math. That’s where school choice comes in, Klacik says. School choice gives parents the option “to escape schools that do not serve our children.”

Baltimore, she says at the end of the ad, “doesn’t have to vote Democrat.” The new ad already has nearly 2 million views.

  • ERIC says:

    She is just awesome! I DO HOPE She gets elected & changed Baltimore! I saw her appearance on Tim Pool’s podcast, & was blown away! She is 1 amazing lady!

  • Lori says:

    Go Kim! Hope she wins! Teachers aren’t just failing the kids in poor neighborhoods. Most schools have a problem with our kids learning from their teachers. We need to take the power from the Teachers’ Unions so they can be fired if they aren’t good at the profession they chose!

  • MARY HALE says:


  • ZsaZsa says:

    I wish I lived back in Maryland, especially Baltimore just so I could vote for her. I’m not looking at the color of her skin but at her qualifications, her message, her love of the Constitution and her style!!! She has my support all the way… she has some great shoes!!!!!! WinK!!!!

  • CF