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Kurt Russell UNLOADS on Celebrities Who Trashed Trump at Golden Globes



Earlier today, we reported that Hollywood A-lister Meryl Streep gave a speech at the Golden Globes last night in which she blasted Donald Trump. Now, a clip has surfaced of Streep’s fellow Hollywood star Kurt Russell discussing how much he hates it when actors “get political.”

This is a business that’s heavily promulgated by people who have a politically liberal bent . . . I don’t begrudge them that. I’m a libertarian; frankly, I think my liberalness goes far beyond theirs in a lot of ways,” Russell recently said, according to American Lookout. “But yeah, we think differently, and maybe that’s cut me out of some things. I don’t care. People know I get along great with all kinds of directors, all kinds of actors. And I tell you, you hire me, I will show up, 24/7, and I will give you 100%. I will help you fix whatever problems come up. You hire me, I’m your boy. It’s just, it’s all about the work. And when that’s done, I am done.”

In the video above this story, Russell tells Whoopi Goldberg and her fellow liberal hosts at The View, “The last thing I like to watch is entertainers or actors get political.”

We couldn’t agree more!

This surfaced after Streep brought up the clip in which Trump supposedly mocked disabled New York Times reporter Serge Kovaleski, saying it was that “performance” that most “stunned” her this past year.

“There was nothing good about it, but it did its job,” the actress said. “It kind of broke my heart when I saw it, and I still can’t get it out my head because it wasn’t in a movie, it was in real life. That instinct to humiliate when it’s modeled by someone in a public platform, it filters down into everyone’s life because it gives permission for others to do the same.”

“Disrespect invites disrespect, violence incites violence,” Streep said.

She went on to call for a “principled press” to stand up to Trump, telling them “to hold power to hold power to account, to call to the carpet for every outrage.” She said Hollywood should support the Committee to Protect Journalists, “because we’re going to need them going forward — and they’ll need us to safeguard the truth.”

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Source: Truthmonitor

  • Lisa Hawks says:

    she needs to keep her opinions to herself…quit trying jam your viewpoint down our throats…so STFU

  • Greg Medina says:

    Meryl…you just lost all of your “Streep-Cred”.

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  • Sequoya says:

    Where was she when Hillary should have been held accountable??? Oh, that’s right, if you’re a liberal you can push the boundaries and everybody will pretend they didn’t see it. I’m so glad Mr. Trump is draining the swamp…..

  • Beth Brodt says:

    She is a Citizen of this country and has Every Right to speak her mind… Freedom of Speech is protected and should always be! You don’t think she has credentials to speak? ANY CITIZEN DOES! In this context, factory workers, secretaries, salespeople, defined by their occupations, should NOT be allowed to have opinions or speak up? When ONLY “elected politicians” have the right to speak, you have Autocracy and Fascism. Protect YOUR OWN right to speak by supporting others’ rights. YOU might have something to say, do you want to be oppressed?

    • tagmouse says:

      You are correct. She has every right to speak her mind. My beef is that used a forum where you are a captive audience celebrating her accomplishments to vomit her opinion about Trumps supposed mocking a disabled reporter. Where she spewed her crapola was inappropriate I don’t care how the liberal “celebrities or morally bankrupt Democrats care to spin it.

  • michael hoey says:

    hard to believe randy quaid could be so stupid. maybe he really believes he is jerry lee lewis

  • CF