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Laura Ingraham is one of the best reporters at Fox News. She knows her stuff and is never afraid to stand up to the liberals lies at Fox News.

Sunday on Fox News dopey Juan Williams, the man who did the impossible and got fired from NPR, was throwing out the standard liberal talking points.

He started making some baseless accusations about Trump and Russia and then went on to attack Trump’s cabinet picks calling them “radicals.”

No one was calling him on the lies. Until Laura Ingraham had had enough and tore into Williams leaving him a stuttering, dopey, fool on national TV.

If you like Laura, you’ll love this. And so will your like minded friends so share this and make their day.

Source: Yesimright

  • KELLY says:

    Nailed it, know please, Donald or his people, if you see this we need Obama removed now physically, his powers have been stripped by congress yet because he has Muslims in almost every arm of govt. In high ranking positions he is still able to do whatever he chooses, if we allow him to stay till 1/20 it will be at the peril of the people and the country, if you really need a figurehead, I am out of work n will be happy to sit in the office, FEDERALLY boned in NC DE, ACCOUNTING BACKGROUND, IM A HELL OF ALOT SAFER, OR USE SOMEONE LIKE TREY OR ONE OF OUR ADMIRALS TILL 1/20.PLEASE

  • Charles Clifford says:

    Laura is exactly right ! The public hears part of what Juan is saying and then it is all right to them and it is wrong! Juan knows this but they choose to mislead people for their liberal agenda, which is ruining the Country !

  • Ee says:

    we support the person who do the right things, such as Laura Ingraham. some words may not beautiful but would save the way from wrong path. if Mr. Trump would not keep his promises to fight agaisnt the corruption Hillary Clinton, he will be punished by the devil Hillary . that was a rule.

    we hope Mr. Trump’s supporter must be smart, not onlly the person , but follow the justice voice.

  • Samantha says:

    Laura, Your right we American people are sick of the lies the media tries to feed us. Donald J Trump seen our country going to HELL.
    Donald j Trump stood up and said enough is enough ,we his followers were right behind him every step of the way.Enough is enough, And I believe an eye for an eye.

  • CF