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Liberal journalist Hendrik Hertzberg courted controversy Sunday by bashing President Trump and openly questioning in a tweet: “Time for a military coup?”

After a request for comment, the left-wing New Yorker magazine reporter weakly attempted to defend himself in a tweet, claiming he was being “sarcastic.”

Hertzberg, a longtime political commentator and staff writer at the New Yorker, was a conscientious objector during the Vietnam War and later served as then-President Jimmy Carter’s chief White House speechwriter.

Over three hours after his initial tweet made waves, Hertzberg followed up by tweeting: “As somebody or other once said, I was being … sarcastic.” That was a reference to a Trump remark from last week; the president said he “was asking a question sarcastically” to coronavirus experts at the White House about using disinfectant “by injection inside or almost a cleaning.” Many of the president’s critics said they didn’t buy his explanation.

The White House has been planning to shift Trump’s public focus to the burgeoning efforts aimed at easing the economic devastation caused by the coronavirus pandemic.

Some states have started to ease closure orders, and Trump is expected to begin to highlight his administration’s work in helping businesses and employees. Aides said the president would hold more frequent roundtables with CEOs, business owners and beneficiaries of the trillions of dollars in federal aid already approved by Congress, and begin to outline what he hopes to see in a future recovery package.

  • Sam says:

    The son-of-a-bitch

  • Charles says:

    In answer to Heil Hendrik Hertzberg; No Sir. Not the time for a Military Coup. but maybe a time for a good sanitary cleansing of the Media and Socialist elected to office in a Free Self Governing Society. I remember before all of this “PC bull-crap” that journalist reported factual news and not taking either side while behind the microphone or in front of a TV Camera. And definitely never showing disrespect to any President regardless of affiliation. There is one thing maybe you and others like you ought to start thinging about. In every Communist country or Socialistic society there is but one news agency. So maybe you all should start asking yourselves whether or not you would be lucky enough to be working if We the People should happen to fall under that form of government.

  • Dusty says:

    Fire this idiot journalist! He is not sarcastic he is an AH! If he was even involved per reporting on the real military he would know that Pres Trump is very popular. He was and has been rebuilding military since taken down under Pres Obama. Thousands got booted out one my own . Plus another of my family was in the Air Force been in 32 yr and said that time under Pres Obama was the worst he had ever seen. My one family tossed out after 5 yr later on got a letter asking if he would want to re enlist WHAT? I saw the letter. Any kind of a coup guess who it would be against. Now we have per this virus a Govt that is in a few places a dictatorship how is this possible per our Constitution. Say we cannot even fish or stroll a beach not even to sit there. Millions no jobs no way to pay bills for food for their families . Get back to work and note the ages of those dying my old age group under 60 have other health problems Keep us away until more is done to vaccinate. Let the rest do their jobs and some will get the virus most will survive see the latest stats from Stanford and Europe andS Korea. Later after this is over find out how this was able to get out across the world and WHY?

  • CF