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Liberal ABC News reporter Jonathan Karl was at President Trump’s massive rally in New Hampshire Monday night and said Trump supporters are fired up.

“Trump supporters are as fired up as I have ever seen them,” Jon Karl said.

He continued, “This rally is in an arena that I was at just two nights ago — Saturday night at an event that included ALL of the major Democrat candidates and we have a bigger crowd by far just for Donald Trump than we had on Saturday for all of the Democrats.”

“Trump supporters are very energized — you got the impeachment acquittal, good news on the economy and Democrats coming out of Iowa seem to be in disarray…and by the way, Trump’s approval rating has hit its highest level ever,” he added.


Jonathan Karl told Clinton-ite and Democrat operative George Stephanopoulos on Sunday that the Democrat party does not look energized.

The Democrats held a fundraiser in New Hampshire Saturday night and there were empty seats in the arena.

This is the same arena in Manchester that President Trump packed to the brim tonight with cheering supporters and many more in the overflow — even the overflow had an overflow.

  • rcb says:

    HOLY RALLY TURNOUT,BATMAN…….yes, Robin M A G A 2020

  • Q says:

    Hell, you dim bulb reporters just realized his rallies are always full?? Good reporting there, Einstein!! You’re a little late there, buddy boy!!

  • Sharon says:

    The more the Do-Nothing Dems and Never Trumpers go after Trump the stronger he gets. We Deplorables are not stupid!

  • Bob says:

    Maybe now you idiots are seeing the LIGHT! Trump is going to win and no matter what you idiots make up or televise is NOT going to stop him! SO, maybe you should just start telling the TRUTH and work WITH him instead of AGAINST him! I suppose if your fake news makes money for the networks then the shit will continue!

  • Matt says:

    I wonder if some of the networks are starting to understand that 100% total support for the Democratic Party might not be the way forward?

  • David says:

    Trump 2020!!! 4 more years

  • CF