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The Renton Library in Washington state held a Saturday “pride celebration designed by teens for teens,” the Christian Post reported.

According to the event site, it also was geared toward “tweens” (i.e., pre-teens) and included “Safer sex presentations! A drag show! Free swag! Free binder raffle!” — and that it would be “the most rainbow filled fun you can imagine!”

Facebook user Kaeley Triller Harms offered several posts related to the event, one of which said “handouts included lube, flavored condoms, and chest binders to help eight self-hating girls mutilate their bodies.” Actually the photo accompanying her post notes that $50 gift cards for chest binders would be awarded to eight “winners.”

Chest binders are used to flatten breasts and are often employed by transgender females:

Harms’ post also said at 5 p.m. the “library told all the adults they had to leave” and that her friend, Lynn Meagher — who had been protesting the event — “refused.” With that, Harms said “police just physically removed her.”

“Welcome to 2019, when protecting kids from being prematurely sexualized can get you potentially arrested,” Harms added. “Maybe she should have claimed to identify as 14.”

Harms also added two videos of drag performances she said were connected to the “teen pride” event:

Referring to the above clip, she asked, “Any guesses what these guys did with the kids once the grown-ups were out of the way?” Harms also noted that the video was partially muted due to Facebook copyright issues with the music and that it occurred before the library “kicked the adults out via police escort.”

And she added another drag clip:

For the above clip, Harms noted: “I’ll probably take some heat for this, but I don’t really care. This is what demonic possession looks like. (Watch until the end.) And people are celebrating it at Teen Pride at the Renton Library.” She added, “Calling this man names like ‘freak’ are not going to help. He’s a lost soul, and it’s sad. He doesn’t need more hatred. But he does need to know we won’t continue to allow this to be normalized and celebrated by our kids.”

The crowd cheered both performances.

Neither the relations specialist nor the community relations & marketing director for the King County Library System replied Monday to a request for comment from TheBlaze regarding the claim that lubrication and flavored condoms were handed out, that adults were told to leave at 5 p.m., and that police removed a woman protesting the event who wouldn’t leave.

  • Mary Kassel says:

    Some normal people need to round up a bunch ofSeattle’s drug-ridden, disease-ridden homeless and dump them in this library. “Here’s your new pad, peeps”.

  • LST says:

    Someone please shoot those degenerate useless scum and dispose of them.

  • Pat says:

    Just the fact that this is even allowed shows you what a sick, sick, world this is becoming.

  • Marie says:

    O M Fukin Gawd! “They” want us to accept this as “normal” ? People used to go to sanitoriums for acting like this. Make sure your Sound is On=

  • Frank Campo says:

    Where’s a suicide bomber when you need one?

  • ffd says:


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