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Look What Happened IMMEDIATELY After Ivanka Stepped Off the Plane [PHOTOS]



Does Ivanka Trump do it all?

Donald Trump’s 35-year-old daughter — who recently took on an official role in the White House — was seen getting off Air Force One in Palm Beach with her three children, Arabella, Joseph and Theodore. She was wearing a multicolored longsleeve dress.

Ivanka seems to maintain her work life balance with ease.

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  • JANE L EWING says:

    Proud mom, handling her children with ease.

  • Bonnie J says:

    She is beautiful and awesome! What an awesome mom.

    • Margie says:

      I so agree. I can see me getting off a plane with 3 kids. I would be harried. Not Ivanka, totally at ease. I so love this family.

  • CF