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LOOK: Melania Trump Met Vladimir Putin and Everyone Noticed The Same Thing…



During the G-20 Summit this weekend, Russian President Vladimir Putin finally met face to face with President Donald Trump.

The meeting of two of the most powerful men in the world certainly had fireworks of its own, yet commenters online were just as enamored with another Putin encounter with a member of the Trump family.

The Russian leader dined with Melania Trump on Friday for the G-20 gala dinner. The two met for a photo-op before their dinner, and the internet seemed to notice one very important thing: Melania made Putin look tiny.

Melania: 5’11” – Putin: 5’6”

Melania was much, much taller.

The internet had a field day at the expense of the ‘macho’ Russian leader:

While Melania is a naturally a few inches taller than Putin, upon further investigation of that evening we discovered something that makes us feel even worse for the Russian president: Melania was wearing these bad boys:

Poor Putin. He never stood a chance.

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  • Bluewren says:

    Honestly you make me laugh! Putin may not be tall but he is one of the most powerful men in the world,surely that is enough
    to diminish the slight advantage of a few inches in height.How juvenile reporters are.
    He is very familiar with people of Melania’s background and has a beautiful new wife of his own having divorced his wife of 30 years for her.He and Trump have a lot more in common than meets the eye.

  • Bob Benevides says:

    You don’t need to be tall to push a nuclear button. Putin is a bad-ass spy and he knows it.

  • CF