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LOOK: Trump Just Started Building The Border Wall, Everyone Notices This 1 STRANGE Thing



While the mainstream media claimed Trump would never build a wall, it’s already happening.

Naco, Arizona has reported that 7 1/2 miles of flimsy pedestrian fencing has been now replaced by a massive steel border wall.

Border agents actually prefer the slits because they allow them to see any threats on the other side while being a the ground level.

While other areas of the border will surely have a “brick and mortar” wall, it was widely missed in the passed budget plan that Trump received over 1.5 billion to improve border control including replacing flimsy fencing with steel wall.

Here are the first pictures.

Look at the HEIGHT of the wall compared to the workers.


It looks like the wall is at least 40 feet high. 

n this show you can see a worker needing a ladder to work on the top of the wall.

Try climbing up THAT, illegals!

This is a great start.

This here below was the FINAL PIECE to complete the 7 1/2 mile section.


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  • ltrail says:

    Bigger. Longer. Higher. Ah, perfect.

  • Sarah Betar says:

    this is ugly

  • Rita Pulterzertzer says:

    There’s nothing ugly about protecting ones border. What’s ugly is the 3rd world hole this country has become. Diseases, bed bugs, drugs, filthy stores, restaurants,hotels, bus & subway terminals. Instead of helping these ppl to live a better life, we’ve lowered our standards – CONSIDERABLY. I’m sick of battling diseases that we had eradicated in the US but because of the insistance of a group of self hating narcisstic idiots, I have to worry about my kids health.
    What’s ugly are the murders, the violent beheadings by MS13 . What’s ugly is the hopelessness is young white Americans eyes now because EVERYONE comes before them in a nation that THEIR ancestors founded. What’s ugly are people like YOU who live in your lilly white neighborhood and virtue signal while never once having to deal with the consequences of the decisions that you’ve forced upon the rest of American society. My only prayer is that President Trump gets smart about this and targets YOUR neighborhood for being “too White” next and the next wave of refugees are forced into YOUR neighborhood. Hopefully it’s YOUR town that’s
    “diversified”. Then you can tell me how “ugly” everyone ELSE is.


  • CF