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A day after the World Series champion Washington Nationals visited the White House, the event was still reverberating well outside the Beltway.

A morning segment on “Fox & Friends” contained a roundup of liberal overreaction to the actions of Nationals catcher Kurt Suzuki, who caused leftist heads to explode throughout the land when he donned a “Make America Great Again” and got a playful hug from President Donald Trump.

And Suzuki himself was a focus of media attention for his own reaction to White House welcome — and to the backlash it engendered.

“It was amazing,” Suzuki told USA Today in a text message. “That was the president. Just trying to have some fun.”

“Everybody makes everything political. It was about our team winning the World Series.”

For liberals, of course, everything has to be political.

And the moment Suzuki put on that MAGA cap seemed to push many right over the edge.

It seemed innocuous enough. Trump began the introduction by talking about a game-winning home run Suzuki hit in a Sept. 3 game, then brought the catcher to the microphone.

Putting the MAGA cap on his head, Suzuki said simply, “I love you all. I love you all. Thank you.”

But as the “Fox & Friends” segment demonstrated, that was way too much for those on the left:

A now-deleted Twitter post from the political website the Palmer Report likened the MAGA cap to a Nazi swastika.

Soledad O’Brien, the ludicrously leftist former CNN host and former special correspondent for Al Jazeera America, called the Suzuki scene “pathetic.”

A New York Times and CNN contributor, Wajahat Ali, took to Twitter to basically call the applause for Suzuki hypocritical, presumably because it was coming from the Trump White House.

“They will never love you, Kurt Suzuki,” Ali wrote. “They will never love you. Enjoy the hug and the delusion. Whatever makes you feel great.”

Well, Suzuki didn’t need the permission of liberals like Ali, or O’Brien, to enjoy the moment.

On a day when, according to Fox News, seven of his teammates declined to attend the White House gathering, Suzuki put it all in perspective.

“Everybody makes everything political,” as he texted USA Today. “It was about our team winning the World Series.”

Trump supporters can understand that. There was a time in the United States when even liberals could understand something that simple (just like there was a time when a harmless article of clothing like a MAGA hat didn’t make Americans targets for harassment).

Maybe another election in 2020, and another four years of a Donald Trump presidency, will help them see the light.

Stranger things have happened.

After all, pretty much no one expected the Nationals to win the World Series this year, either.

  • Morgan says:

    The left are fascist, communist, nazi, racist, socialist. The right are just normal.

  • Michael Groves says:

    I agree with this player. The real reason I don’t watch the NFL any more is because of the kneeling. Four years ago I watched because politics was left out of the game. I would watch to escape all the polution politics brought to life. Then the NFL allowed old stink
    pot Krapernick to interject his empty headed political view, and the escape was gone. So was I. Keep the politics out of sports. People go, and watch for an escape, not to hear some high paid criminal in most cases views. If I wanted that? I’d ask a retarded chimp. It’s as smart, and bright a Krapernick.

  • Trump 2020 says:


  • TJ says:

    I know! Isn’t it just horrible that a Major League Baseball player actually supports the President of the United States? Disgusting.

  • Chaz says:

    The players who attended got to savor special moments being a special guest at the WH, regardless of the party “in power”. (Everyone else gets herded through in a guided tour, remember). It is still OUR country because we tolerate different points of view – at least as long we Conservatives who love the Constitution and the Flag remain in power.

  • MICHAEL says:

    Stupid, islam loving idiots should just go live in a sharia run country. Particularly the females. Sayn something wrong and get stoned to death and I ain’t talking about pot.

  • PT says:

    Oh No !
    And yet another reason for the Dimocrats to complain that someone didn’t say something or act like they wanted them to.
    While they continue to call everyone fascist and Nazi when they don’t get in line with their thinking. Because of course there is no freedom of speech unless you agree with them.

  • CF